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Are you interested in cryptocurrency, as well as marketing and sales? Combine your two passions in a new job! There are plenty of challenging job openings to be found on this website.

Why work in blockchain?

The blockchain industry is new and exciting. Not only do we believe blockchain is the future, so do many of the largest and most successful enterprises in Europe. Both traditional heavy hitters such as Santander Bank, Amazon and Microsoft, as well as true blockchain pioneers such as the crypto exchange giant Binance are increasingly finding that blockchain is the future. As a result, the workforce that is vigorously enabling the expansion of blockchain is ever growing.  

The future for digital currencies and blockchain technology is as bright as ever. The possibilities are almost endless. Working in such an environment is inspiring, stimulating and rewarding. Only time will tell what the future holds for the world of blockchain, but you have the chance to participate and contribute in building a better future! 

Blockchain sales jobs, work on the future

Blockchain technology takes away the need for a third party in every line of work it would be applied to. In sales this is no difference. Blockchain would allow for transactions to happen between the buyer and the seller, without the need of a third party, like a bank, to validate the transaction.

In order to do great from a sales point of view, a high level of trust between the seller and (potential) buyers is required. Companies sometimes struggle with this image, so mixing sales and blockchain could be the perfect solution. Blockchain is all about trust and transparency. Consumers worldwide are getting more and more wary regarding sharing personal data with companies. It’s being misused by large multinationals and the risk of data leaking because of hacks is always there. Blockchain reduces these risks. A lot. CRM systems could be run on blockchain. Data analytics would become better than it is right now and sales reps should find it easier to get leads.

There are plenty of crypto sales jobs to be found on this page. Curious about other sectors like blockchain developer jobs or blockchain internships? Try your luck on Blockchain4Talent, chances are you will find something you like.

Remote sales jobs, work from home

Looking for a job in the blockchain sales sector but not interested in working full time at an office? Do you prefer working from home? The nature of blockchain work makes it likely you will be able to find what suits your needs. For instance, a large amount of blockchain job openings consist of remote jobs.

Blockchain work is different in many ways. Not just the variety of blockchain jobs is substantial, also the way these different jobs are performed differs a great deal. There might be an ideal job opening available for everyone’s preference. Blockchain provides the sorts of freedom that are not always on offer in other industries. Have a look at all the blockchain sales jobs on offer and see what the possibilities are. If you’ve always dreamt of being in control of where and when you work, now is your chance.

Blockchain marketing jobs; innovate

Blockchain technology is all set to change many sectors worldwide, including banking, insurance, real estate, healthcare, other financial services and more. This is where marketeers come in. There are plenty of blockchain marketing jobs to be found at Blockchain4talent, that would truly help take those markets to another level.

The main difference between traditional marketing and blockchain marketing is that the latter does not require a third party; no middle man to handle consumer data that is to be sold to companies. Instead, consumers get to own and sell their own data to companies and brands of their choice. Marketing through blockchain would be more direct, transparent, democratic, reliable as well cheaper. Ad tracking without having to use third parties like social media giants Facebook and Instagram would be so much easier and more accurate, which ultimately leads to cheaper ads.

Do you want to be part of the future of marketing? Have a look at one of the bitcoin jobs or crypto jobs on offer. Whether you want to be a blockchain marketeer from home, or have a blockchain marketing job in London, you will probably find what you are looking for here.