Web3 and Digital Evangelist

CONTEXT OF THE JOB POSITION You have acquired a strong expertise in Web 3.0 and you would like to put it at the service of a useful cause? Mazars offers you the benefit of the Group's employees in t


You have acquired a strong expertise in Web 3.0 and you would like to put it at the service of a useful cause? Mazars offers you the benefit of the Group’s employees in their professional development.

Mazars is an international leader in audit, tax and consulting. With more than 44,000 employees in 90 countries, the challenges of skills development and digitalization are significant.

In this context, the World HRD team, based in Paris, is expanding to better support the challenges related to the arrival of Web 3.0. In direct contact with the World Human Resource Director, Mazars is recruiting a WEB 3 EVANGELIST attached to the Mazars School of Excellence, the company’s internal university.

Tomorrow Theory, leader of Web 3.0 in HR, is in charge of identifying and pre-selecting candidates for this position.

All applications will therefore go through us before any presentation to the final decision-makers.

With frequent travel to be expected in France and abroad, the position is located in Paris but is intended to be mobile, and allows high internal visibility with all of the company’s stakeholders.


The missions entrusted will be very varied and linked to the development of skills and Web 3.0 culture within Mazars entities around the world. It will therefore be a question of training, acculturating, connecting and supporting the talents of the company.

The missions are very varied:

  • Design: design and lead collaborative workshops, training and conferences to bring out desires, solutions and a common understanding of the subjects.
  • Curate: cultivate expertise and know how to popularize it
  • Digitize: Promote digital uses, with rapid experimentation
  • Deliver: Start and support internal Web 3.0 projects and promote them
  • Be a coach of good practices
  • Analyze relevant external solutions for partnerships or acquisitions
  • Intervene in internal and external conferences to bring a real expert vision of the subjects
  • Enable employees getting started with new technologies and platforms


The position is designed for an already experienced and autonomous person, with one or two successful professional experiences in the world of Web 3.0, and having experience of regular collaboration with decision-makers within international organizations.+

The objective of this position is to be able to use the contributions of web 3 to transform skills and culture within the company, all over the world. This implies an entrepreneurial profile, capable of creating, proposing and executing ideas independently, and having the objective of transmitting and advancing an entire organization.

For this position, you must:

  • Possess advanced expertise in Web 3.0 technologies and uses (blockchain, virtual reality, metaverse, AI)
  • Be spontaneous, authentic and with amazing interpersonal skills
  • Like to learn and assimilate quickly
  • Know how to speak and write in a sustained way to be able to exchange with decision-makers
  • Know how to synthesize and reformulate effectively
  • Know how to organize and plan for oneself and for others
  • Know how to collaborate and be part of a team project (= know when to be a leader and when to be a follower)
  • Write and speak fluent English (native or bilingual), French is a plus
  • Used to cultural differences and know how to behave accordingly
  • Possess strong experiences in international working environments.

Other useful skills you might possess:

  • Expertise in the consulting and auditing professions is not essential, but can really help to identify areas for development
  • Experience in learning
  • Expertise in pedagogical engineering is a plus
  • Experience in training and conferences


The position offers:

  • Full-time executive permanent contract
  • Remote work possible and encouraged several days a week
  • Based in Paris
  • Frequent national and international trips
  • The position is available from September 2022.

The remuneration consists of a fixed salary to be negotiated from 70 to 80 kEUR gross annual, and a bonus based on objectives that can represent up to 20% of the gross annual fixed salary.

This position is an excellent stepping-stone for higher positions in a 2 years scope, depending on the success in the position.

The position is available from September 2022.

Applications that do not demonstrate strong expertise in Web 3.0 and strong international background will not be considered for this position.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: 80,000.00€ – 100,000.00€ per year


  • professional: 3 years (Required)


  • english (Required)

Willingness to travel:

  • 25% (Required)

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