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Technical Writer & Community Manager

Alephium is the first live layer 1 sharded blockchain scaling and improving on Bitcoin core technologies, Proof of Work and UTXO. It delivers a highly performant, secure DeFi & dApps platform with enh

Alephium is the first live layer 1 sharded blockchain scaling and improving on Bitcoin core technologies, Proof of Work and UTXO. It delivers a highly performant, secure DeFi & dApps platform with enhanced energy efficiency.

From its technical design to its interfaces, Alephium has been created to address the challenges of accessibility, scalability, and security encountered by decentralized applications today.

To strengthen its existing Marketing & Communication team, Alephium is looking for a Content Writer/Community Manager.

he Position

Alephium’s network is young and growing rapidly. To join our marketing team and help us ensure Alephium’s voice is constantly communicated in a clear and compelling language across many different types of media, we are looking for a sharp, engaged and knowledgeable individual who is a skilled wordsmith, able to distill technical information with ease and clarity.

The ideal candidate should also be alert to the blockchain/crypto newsflow, be able to suggest content ideas and produce well-sourced, editorial content that educates and informs. In addition, you should be curious and communicative. Lastly, as a public-facing member of Alephium, you need to maintain the highest levels of professionalism, particularly within our community.

The role will suit someone who can both absorb information, take direction and execute but who also has the interest and passion to communicate ideas and suggest topics for new content.


  • Write, format, edit & review articles on technical subjects for technical and non-technical users.
  • Gather and analyze technical and product information from various sources to document new or changing product functionality.
  • Long-form writing – working closely with our development and marketing teams
  • Short-form writing – writing blog posts, social content, newsletters, press releases, emails and ongoing communications
  • Assist in developing our brand language and narratives
  • Be an active voice supporting, explaining and defending the project on Twitter
  • Moderate and answer user questions in Discord, Telegram, Reddit, Twitter
  • Communicate important updates to our community; Escalate user and community feedback to the internal team
  • Monitor blockchain trends and growth
  • Assist in writing scripts for short-form video content


  • Deep passion for writing and diligence around spelling and grammar
  • Ability to translate highly technical concepts into easy-to-read, understandable writing
  • Track record of creating engaging content for the developer audience — you define yourself as a technical content creator
    • Excellent written and presentation-based communication skills (native or fluent English speaker)
    • Proficient at, already active on & knowledgeable about Crypto Twitter
    • Community Management experience moderating an online community via the channels mentioned above.
    • Strong curiosity & deep understanding of the blockchain landscape (Bitcoin, UTXO, etc)
  • Ability to work without significant editorial oversight
  • Team player – we are all in this together
  • Initiative taker – go out there and learn!

Bonus points if you can demonstrate:

  • You have a growing social media channel like Twitter, Reddit, or Discord
  • You are actively involved with the developer communities
  • Developer marketing experience in the B2B technology space


This position does not require relocation. You can work from anywhere in the world.


This is an exciting and interesting opportunity for a candidate who is keen to join the growing blockchain ecosystem. Candidates will enjoy a friendly environment where remote work is embraced, flexible work hours and a can-do spirit throughout.

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