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An understanding and familiarity of blockchain and distributed ledger technology. The Support Team are in direct contact with R3’s customers....

The R3 Support Team

The Support Team are in direct contact with R3’s customers. They are responsible for development support of the Corda platform and for 1st and 2nd line operational support of the R3 network. They investigate issues from customer’s developers who have come across unexpected behaviour while building software based on Corda (known as CorDapps), and issues from customer’s production teams operating nodes connected to the R3 network.
The support team are technical, tenacious, approachable, pro-active, excel at communication and exhibit strong ownership. They follow issues through to resolution, press for root causes and fixes, share knowledge, ensure customers are kept updated, operate from a platform of continuous service improvement, seek constant feedback and take steps to address that feedback.

The Candidate

The candidate will be experienced in supporting mission critical technical services to a 2nd or 3rd line level. They will have excellent communication skills (written and oral) and be used to dealing with customers first-hand. They will also have experience in at least one JVM-based development language (Corda is written in Kotlin) and be able to navigate and understand enterprise level source code.
They will be an autodidact, able to work with minimal supervision and demonstrate an ability to solve complex technical problems. They will be able to prioritise and manage their workload of customer issues effectively and, if required, communicate confidently with the development team in matters related to those customer issues.

Key Responsibilities:

    • Provide a single point of contact for incoming technical calls related to R3 products and services
    • Case resolution – research, resolve and respond to complex customer issues across the product line
    • Daily operations – including team operations, process improvement and information sharing
    • Make best endeavor attempts to resolve all support requests at a 1st, 2nd or 3rd line level
    • Ensure all support requests (no matter how small) are ticketed and that all investigation progress is added to the ticket
    • Take part in handovers to other teams in different geographies
    • Ensure customers are updated regularly and frequently with investigation progress
    • Ensure all identified workarounds or known issues are fully documented on the Support Team’s Wiki
    • Execute the Incident Management procedures in the event of a serious live service incident
    • Act as go-between for 4th line Technical Teams and the customer, relaying technical explanations or resolutions in appropriate language
    • Ensure all operational processes defined by the firm are followed and respected
    • Constantly strive to identify and implement improvements to technologies, processes and methodologies used in the team

Technical Skills:

    • Java, Kotlin (or another JVM-based language)
    • Scripting language (e.g. Bash, Python, Perl)
    • Familiarity with Linux and Windows and how to investigate software malfunctions on these OS’s using their various tools and commands
    • Basic networking investigation (e.g. connectivity issues, network traces)
    • Familiarity with operational monitoring tools

Advantageous Skills & Experience:

    • Familiarity with financial services infrastructure, processes (e.g. ITIL) and systems
    • An understanding and familiarity of blockchain and distributed ledger technology
    • Experience working on enterprise development projects
    • Familiarity and experience with Incident Management processes
Pre-Interview Coding Exercise
Before you come in to meet us, we will ask that you complete a small coding exercise lasting approx. 1 hour.
The exercise will be given remotely by a member of the R3 Development team who will screen-share so they can observe your progress. They will also assist if you have any questions and offer hints or prompts.
During the exercise you are free to use text books, Google (or any other website or search engine) and ask the developer questions. The only thing off-limits is searching for the exercise solution.
The exercise can be completed in a language and IDE of your choosing. It’s important to choose a language you’re comfortable with and not necessarily one you believe is more impressive. It must, however, be a modern and established programming or scripting language.
Why do we do this before we invite you to meet us?
The point of the exercise is to ensure that you are comfortable with code. The Support Engineering team are expected to work at a low level and you will need to be able read and understand code, whether the Corda source code itself or code provided by customers when they’re raising issues. You will also be expected to write quick tools and scripts that will assist you in diagnosing issues.
We believe it’s better to establish the candidate’s coding experience as early as possible to avoid taking their time up with interviews only to establish they aren’t comfortable at the technical level we require. It also frees up future face-to-face interviews for less technical discussions.