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Writing, testing, and deploying Smart Contracts on blockchain platforms like Ethereum and/or Cardano. Data storage, processing and retrieval are regulated by…...

IAGON – Computing by the people, for serving the people.

Iagon AS is a technology – driven start up that operates in the field of decentralized cloud services. We are creating the technology behind an extreme secure grid that helps the Cloud to run on every connected device. Our grid’s decentralized nature and superior security are made possible by Blockchain technology. The grid runs on Ethereum, but with a couple of efficiency and future-proofing tricks up its sleeve. The design and AI capability are built to seamlessly adapt to the future standards in decentralization such as Cardano and IOTA’s Tangle. Data storage, processing and retrieval are regulated by Smart contracts, and we are in need for a team member, who deeply understands the concepts of Solidity programming language, to join Iagon’s journey.

Our ideal Solidity Programmer has successfully deployed Smart Contracts and has wide experience working with Blockchain projects. Candidates with Cardano experience will be preferred.

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Wanted qualifications:

  • Experience in Creating Smart Contracts with Solidity; Testing and Deploying of Smart Contracts.
  • Understanding of Solidity Technology Tools as: Solidity REPL, Solgraph, Evmdis, Doxity.
  • Experience working with Ethereum and/or Cardano.
  • DApp Development and Integration.
  • In-depth understanding of DeFI.
  • Advanced English level. Norwegian/Scandinavian language is an asset.


  • Writing, testing, and deploying Smart Contracts on blockchain platforms like Ethereum and/or Cardano.
  • Writing and deploying Smart contracts for the exchange platforms.
  • Design, implement, and test Smart Contracts for Iagons’s DeFI prime solution.
  • Smart Contract Testing Sequencing.
  • Participate and collaborate in DApps integration and compatibility.
  • Improve internal toolsets to improve smart contract development.

Iagon AS can offer excellent opportunity to develop your skills to the highest level and be compensated with a competitive salary and fantastic benefits package. But please note, that this is not a remote position, in this moment, we are building our Oslo office and we are looking for a local talents or people who are motivated to move to Oslo, Norway.

If you are interested send your Application so we can discuss possibilities and requirements for mutual satisfaction.

Iagon AS is an Equal Opportunity Employer that does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, military service eligibility, veteran status, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or any other protected class.