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Software Engineer 3 (Ledger Ops)


At R3 you will be at the cutting edge of distributed ledger technology (DLT). Corda is a DLT designed for running complex workflows between businesses, without any centralized points of control. You w

At R3 you will be at the cutting edge of distributed ledger technology (DLT). Corda is a DLT designed for running complex workflows between businesses, without any centralized points of control. You will work on a system trusted by banks, insurance companies, stock exchanges, payments companies, and others – highly demanding industries with the interesting technical challenges that come with them.

You will join the Ledger Ops squad to deliver an interoperability solution for Corda. This will enable the coordination of actions such as atomic swaps and burn/mint not just across separate Corda networks but also third party blockchains such as Ethereum.

As part of the Ledger Ops team, you will:

    • Work with industry-leading technologies to build out a new interoperability protocol with a robust API that allows Cordapp developers to define how their system will interoperate with other networks.
    • Develop services and protocols to conduct interaction between different network/systems, ledger models
    • Develop and research cross ledger data sharing patterns (e.g. atomic swaps)
    • Design and implement features with consideration of the availability, scalability and performance requirements of the system.
    • No team is an island – you will work with many others across the company, to help ensure we build the best possible products. You will have the opportunity to showcase your work and help influence your colleagues’ thinking.

About you:

    • You are a highly motivated, self-sufficient software engineer with system design skills. You have a strong grasp of computer science fundamentals, either through formal study or via some other route. You are curious and quick to learn about new technologies, and keen to build on your skills by learning on the job. You have built distributed systems previously.
    • You have experience or a deep interest in building sdks with focus on developer experience, http communication and security. You may also, or alternatively, have worked with web technologies such as TLS, Spring etc.
    • We believe the best Engineers can adapt to and learn any language, so whilst we are at heart a Kotlin shop, we welcome anyone with a strong software engineering background who wants to learn. If you have in-depth JVM knowledge, (garbage collection tuning, performance and memory profiling), and/or familiarity with the Java ecosystem that is a bonus.
    • We believe that quality, security, developer experience, and operational experience are everyone’s responsibility, so you will be driven by a passion to ensure excellence in all of these.
    • Depth of Expertise: Typically, 6+ years of commercial experience. A blended tactical and strategic level thinker who understands clients (internal/ external) needs. Will possibly have lead a small or medium sized team at some point in their career.
    • Level of Interaction: Proactively initiate ideas to help improve client experience.
    • Ownership & Responsibility: Drive the delivery whilst maintaining a coherent technical direction


    • Coding and design, and assisting other Engineers with coding and design.
    • Utilise their subject matter expertise to take the lead over an area or component of an R3 core product
    • Use comprehensive judgment to make decisions of high complexity and impact, utilising team opinion and senior leadership where needed but often use autonomy in decision making.
    • Use business analysis skills to interact with product management team(s) to marry technical delivery and client requirements.
    • Use customer focus skills to anticipate internal/ external customer requests.
    • Contribute to the technical direction and strategic vision of engineering.

At R3, we encourage a diverse and inclusive workforce. If you don’t meet all of the above criteria, but you think you’d be a great addition to R3, send us your CV. We’re always interested in meeting collaborative people who are excited to work with us

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