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Software Engineer 3 (Digital Currencies)


At R3 you would be at the cutting edge of decentralized Digital Ledger Technology (DLT) technology. Corda is a distributed DLT platform designed for running complex workflows between businesses, with

At R3 you would be at the cutting edge of decentralized Digital Ledger Technology (DLT) technology. Corda is a distributed DLT platform designed for running complex workflows between businesses, with or without any centralized points of control. You will work on a digital ledger platform trusted by banks, insurance companies, stock exchanges, payment companies, and other highly demanding industries, while dealing with the interesting technical challenges that come with them.

Digital Currencies Team

You will join the R3 Digital Currencies team to build the next generation digital currency systems that integrate directly to the blockchain.

This is an exciting time in the digital currency space. As part of the Digital Currencies engineering team you can expect to work on truly unique Central Bank Digital Currencies (CDBC) as Central Banks the world over are preparing for this transformation. Our Digital Currencies work also encompasses cutting edge products such as tokenised cash and other types of digital assets (e.g. digital bonds/derivatives) etc.

No team is an island – you will work with many others across the company, to help ensure we build the best possible products across the digital currencies, tokenised cash and digital asset DeFi ecosystem. You will have the opportunity to showcase your work and help influence your colleagues’ thinking.

About You

    • You’re a highly motivated, autonomous software engineer with extensive experience working in software development/design/architecture and you’re excited to learn more and develop in this space.
    • You have a strong grasp of Computer Science fundamentals, particularly in what it takes to build a secure, high quality, business critical system that supports extreme high volume transactions.
    • You are curious and quick to learn about new technologies, and keen to build on your skills by learning on the job.
    • You have an interest in distributed systems generally and DLT more specifically. A detailed knowledge of payments within the banking system along with digital currencies and tokenization would be advantageous.
    • Our software development is based on JVM languages, more specifically Java and Kotlin, but while advantageous, expertise in these languages is not an essential requirement. The important thing is that you have the software development expertise in some modern high level language and are willing to learn what is required for the role.
    • We believe that customer experience, quality, security, developer experience, and operational experience are everyone’s responsibility, so you’ll be driven by a passion to ensure excellence in all of these.


    • Work as part of a team within the larger engineering group to deliver high quality and well tested code.
    • Design elements of a larger software application, then present these designs to others.
    • Evaluate trade-offs between different implementations and technology choices.
    • Mentor junior developers to become industry-leading engineers.
    • Assist in estimating and planning complex engineering tasks.
    • Code review peers both within your team and in the wider organisation.
    • Liaise with the Release Manager to package and deliver software, while ensuring it meets complex security requirements such as deterministic builds.

Required Qualifications

    • Very strong programming competencies.
    • Strong understanding of Computer Science and engineering principles, most likely obtained through a combination of advanced academic study and significant professional experience.
    • Typically 5+ years’ experience in an enterprise level environment.
    • Experience working with open requirements and limited guidance, identifying goals for yourself and bringing them to management to approve rather than having direction set for you.
    • Proven problem-solving skills and ability to work under pressure.

Preferred Qualifications – these will give you a significant advantage

    • Kotlin or other JVM based language experience.
    • Hands on experience with digital currencies or digital tokenization of assets.
    • Banking domain knowledge particularly in clearing / settlement.
    • Experience working in the FinTech space (e.g. banking, PSP’s, SWIFT, DeFi, crypto etc.)
    • Additional skills such as Devops, QA methodologies, Jira, Agile, distributed systems programming, design principles, system architecture, network communications (certificates, network protocols, ssl etc.)
    • Process driven mindset with flexibility to allow processes to evolve while keeping them lean and efficient.

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