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ABOUT KOLOKIUM Kolokium is a startup that was born with the intention of setting a new standard in the market launching tools able to help companies and institutions to onboard blockchain business s


Kolokium is a startup that was born with the intention of setting a new standard in the market launching tools able to help companies and institutions to onboard blockchain business solutions across the globe.

Kolokium’s software engineers work on developing technologies that will impact on how companies do business, focusing on processes, data governance and digital identity, making companies more efficient through their business processes, changing completely the way today companies share and manage information with 3rd parties.

We are an engineering company, that’s why we hire people armed with a good and broad set of technical skills that are eager to take the challenges we are facing today and make beautiful things happen.


We are looking for a 4 years of experience backend developer that is a Jedi in C, C++, Python or Go, feels comfortable working with any of the agile methodologies, experienced in integration projects and is familiar with tools for version control as GitLab.

As a software developer, you will work on the development of tools and projects and will collaborate with the other technical areas; Infrastructure and Engineering, as well as the Business area. We need our developers to be versatile, able to lead and steer projects by themselves and enthusiastic to solve the problems we face every day. You will manage project priorities, deadlines and deliverables.


As part of the technology team, and being part of the Development Area, you will be participating in the development of different products as well as supporting the project manager in specific projects.

Here some of the thing we are looking you to have:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent practical experience.
  • Experience in leading project teams, and setting technical direction.
  • Software development experience in general purpose programming languages: C, C++, Python or Go.
  • Experience working with: Gitlab, MySQL or PostgreSQL, and that MongoDB doesn’t sound weird to you, because we are fans.
  • Comfortable working in a small-remote-company environment.
  • You have experience organizing your work to meet deadlines with high-quality deliverables.
  • Able to explain what you did during the weekend in English.

We will be extra happy if you have:

  • Experience with one or more general purpose programming languages including but not limited to: XML, CSS, Python and Go
  • Experience with Angular, React, Node, ExpressJS, RxJS, SASS.
  • Having worked with Jenkins, Bamboo or similar.
  • Being familiar with Chef, Puppet or Vagrant.
  • Being able to develop an API REST
  • Being able to develop a Smart Contract, if not, don’t worry, you will get tired of doing it.
  • Have knowledge of Blockchain architecture
  • Interest and ability to learn other coding languages as needed.

But all in life is not skills, for us, is very important actitud, that’s why we will be extra extra happy if you:

  • are a productive and dynamic person,
  • like share ideas and learn from your teammates,
  • are able to work with people that is not seated in the table next to you,
  • And overall, you are very eager to learn.


  • Help build the Kolokium team and cultivate culture and innovation, based on cross-collaboration and execution of projects and products across different teams.
  • Design, develop, test, deploy, maintain and improve software.
  • Manage individual project priorities, deadlines and deliverables.
  • Mentor and train other team members.


We support everyone should have the opportunity to make their own decisions about their work schedule, and we think it comes naturally when you are passionate about your job, whether it be selling a new project, defining the product strategy, coding a new functionality or designing the architecture of a new product.

We like people to join Kolokium not just for the flexibility that we offer, but because we promote a culture of plenty of opportunity, driven by a collaborative environment that pushes you to improve your hard and soft skills and be a better person.

  • Training initiatives to help your career progression
  • Freedom to organize your schedule, respecting main operative and strategic meetings
  • Unlimited coffee, soft drinks, fruit etc (if coming to the office)
  • For now, we are a full remote company


We have an office in Madrid, where you can enjoy the benefits of a great office environment in the center of the city. But you can always work from home and manage your time. In Kolokium we believe that being passionate is the clue of a well done job. We look for people that want to impact the business and build something big working with some of the best professionals of the industry.