Senior V2X Researcher

The i2CAT Foundation is looking for a Senior Researcher to join the V2X Research Line within the Mobile and Wireless Internet (MWI) group at i2CAT. The successful candidate will be the Principal

The i2CAT Foundation is looking for a Senior Researcher to join the V2X Research Line within the Mobile and Wireless Internet (MWI) group at i2CAT.

The successful candidate will be the Principal Investigator (PI) of the 6GTWINROAD project (TSI-063000-2021-29), leading the research team assigned to carry out the related scientific and technical work. The aim of 6GTWINROAD is to investigate how to design and implement 6G technology enablers to power future vehicular digital twins. The project will pursue a transversal approach investigating technology innovations for public mobile networks, infrastructure operators, vehicle sensing technologies, and development of vehicular digital twins.

In particular, the main tasks and responsibilities of the Senior Researcher will be:

  • Technical leadership of the internal research team involved in the 6GTWINROAD project
  • Technical leadership and coordination of companies, SMEs and research organizations participating in the 6GTWINROAD project
  • Lead and support the team members in the preparation of reports of the 6GTWINROAD project and all related documentation related to reporting and review phases of the project
  • Lead, coordinate, and participate in the dissemination activities of the 6GTWINROAD project, including technical papers to be submitted to conferences and journals
  • Lead and coordinate the elaboration of new Horizon Europe project proposals dealing with Cooperative Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM) and vehicular communications
  • Support on the elaboration of technology transfer project proposals dealing with V2X
  • Contribute to the development of the research strategy and roadmap of the V2X Research Line

The team of the V2X Research Line currently participates in several projects including:

  • The national 6GTWINROAD project ( )
  • The H2020 CARAMEL project (
  • The H2020 5GMED project (
  • The H2020 CPSosAware project (
  • The H2020 PLEDGER project (
  • The Cervera INTEGRA network (
  • Several technology transfer projects with companies where the team is developing custom extensions of the ETSI G5 stack and applications running on top of the stack.

The team of the V2X Research Line has proven experience in developing V2X communication stacks, leading for example the implementation of security in the popular Vanetza open-source V2X protocol stack ( The team often executes high level end-user demonstrations of V2X and 5G concepts, e.g. ( The team has also wide experience on vehicular simulators, such as Omnet++, SUMO and CARLA, and is used to work with state of the art V2X modules, 802.11p and CV2X, from main vendors.

Funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU

Who we are:

The i2CAT Foundation is a CERCA centre with the vision of leading the challenge of designing and building the digital society of the future based on research and innovation in advanced digital technologies. Highlighting the generation of talent and in order to generate economic and social impact, i2CAT wants to turn Catalonia into a creative, empowered and innovative society, where knowledge and digital technology are at the service of people, promoting:

  • The generation of excellence knowledge aimed at solving the challenges of companies, citizens and public administration (mission-driven research).
  • The collaboration and establishment of synergies with other agents of the local ecosystem of research and digital innovation to co-develop solutions and products that generate a transformative impact.
  • The digital empowerment of citizens through digital, open, participatory social innovation with territorial capillarity.
  • The leadership of pioneering initiatives and tractors that increase the international projection and visibility of Catalonia as a digital and innovative country.

i2CAT is a constantly growing organization that has extensive experience in the leadership and development of research and innovation projects at national and international level in the technological fields of 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), virtual and immersive technologies, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Space Communications and digital society technologies.

Want to know more? Visit our webpage! (

What do we offer?

  • Work from our offices or from home, whichever works best for you. We only ask for two days in person at the office to coordinate with the rest of the team.
  • This is a full time vacancy
  • You will have a flexible work schedule so that you can reconcile your personal life with the professional one.
  • Intensive hours every Friday of the year and every day in July and August
  • Fix + variable salary
  • Possibility of receiving part of your remuneration in kind (restaurant, transport, nursery or medical insurance)
  • 25 working days of annual leave (the common 22 + 3 additional ones)
  • You can access the UPC gym at a reduced price
  • If you are interested, you can participate in events of your sector.
  • You will work with a laptop. You can choose your work environment, Mac, Linux or Windows.
  • You can ask us for training of your interest.
  • We will work so that you have a career plan to promote your growth and development.

Where will you do it?

At i2CAT we already have an established telework policy for some time. You can work from home or from the office, whichever suits you best. We ask that you attend the office two days per week, one to stay connected with the team and the other one to establish relations.

If you decide to come to the office, we are located in Zona Universitària, next to the Campus Nord of the UPC, within a multidisciplinary and multicultural environment. It is a very well connected area (metro, tram, bus) with bars and restaurants around.

Our offices are designed with an open-office concept where everything is light and transparency (we do not have opaque rooms). We have a variety of workspaces so that you don’t have to be at the same table all day.

i2CAT is an organization committed to equal opportunities. That is why we seek to increase the number of women in those areas where they are underrepresented, and therefore explicitly encourage the female collective to apply.

i2CAT is an organization committed to diversity and we seek to increase the number of people with disabilities in our team.

If what you have read sounds good to you… let’s have a coffee and we will tell you more!

In case you liked it but it is not your job offer, you may know someone else who fits perfectly and whom you would like to recommend!

Minimum requeriments:

  • PhD in communications or electrical engineering
  • Proven research track in the domains of CCAM and vehicular communications
  • Experience leading H2020 proposals
  • Experience leading technical teams

Desired requeriments:

  • Good level of spanish language
  • Proven record track in FP7 or H2020 projects, occupying technical leadership positions as work package leader, task leader or technical coordinator
  • Knowledge of the CCAM research ecosystem in Europe and Spain
  • Proven expertise and research track in vehicular traffic modeling and simulation in urban and interurban scenarios
  • Proven expertise and research track in vehicular simulators, e.g., Omnet++, SUMO and CARLA
  • Proven expertise and research track in ETSI G5 stacks, IEEE 802.11p, C-V2X and 5G
  • Experience in developing customer-oriented projects dealing with V2X technologies

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