Senior Software Engineer with Mobile experience

Clovr Labs is recruiting a Senior Software Engineer with Mobile experience to work on new and interesting projects. Let's give you some context on who we're looking for and what to expect when you j

Clovr Labs is recruiting a Senior Software Engineer with Mobile experience to work on new and interesting projects.

Let’s give you some context on who we’re looking for and what to expect when you join the team.

Who we are

We are a boutique consulting firm specialized in the fields of cyber security and lean product development. We strive for simple, elegant solutions to difficult problems and have a passion for making things unfold one iteration at a time.

Our mission

We’ve been researching the Bitcoin blockchain and the Lightning Network as a platform for lightning fast and virtually free payments. We would like to build our own space in the Lightning Network ecosystem that would allow our clients to scale up their businesses and let their end customers transact flawlessly using just their mobile phones.

Your mission in the team

We’re looking for people who are curious, willing to embrace their goals and passionate about engineering.

As a Senior Mobile Software Engineer, you will help us design and create product features that deliver value to our customers. You’ll love digging into the little details and making things shine.

What do we expect from you?

You have previous experience working with technologies similar to Flutter or Android/iOS applications and you use English as your main language.

You enjoy exploring a new concept from start to finish and building it from scratch.

You use user feedback as information to iterate on the product.

You like being a generalist, you play to your strengths while being comfortable working in all areas of our systems.

You can easily adapt to using any programming language. You master the concepts and are able to switch between one or another smoothly.

You are flexible, dedicated and curious; you are inspired by existing practices and driven to innovate beyond them; you are passionate about learning and want to help us learn too.

You believe in the art of software engineering, but are pragmatic when necessary.

You challenge your peers with respect and like to be challenged.

Key roles

You will join a small team currently developing software products within the lightning network. We are passionate about it and we are not trying to hide it.

We expect you to help us with having good test coverage, writing documentation when needed, engaging in code reviews and sharing knowledge with the rest of the devs.

Dedicating part of our time to improve the overall performance, usability, and maintainability of the systems we are working on is a key part of our duties.

Growth is an expectation. You will be provided with enough time to learn new stuff and to become a better developer.

Provide logical reasoning to address the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions.

It’s nice to have

Experience with technologies like Flutter, Xamarin, React Native, or can easily adapt to using these technologies.

Bitcoin, Lightning Network knowledge.

Understand that the root cause of all software problems is not software, it’s humans.

Have a technical interest in Blockchain concepts.

What we offer

Fully remote work within Spain, independence, ownership and flexibility is what you can expect from our mindset.

Fair wages for people with the right attitude above all [60k – 80k].

Work from home budget, choose what you need to create your dream home office.

Annual learning budget, learn a new programming language or go to a tech conference, if it is important for your career, it is important for us.

Evolve in a stimulating and challenging environment.

Share and learn with a passionate and diverse team.

Clovr Labs is incorporated in Spain and the team meets regularly in Barcelona. We speak English and Spanish, most of the time at the same time, but we would appreciate it if you could send us the contents of your application in English.

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