Senior Product Manager (API and Auth Squad)

Are you ready for something fresh and exciting, a chance to dive into some cool, new tech? At Moralis you’ll work in a fast, dedicated and innovative environment and you’ll join a company growing

Are you ready for something fresh and exciting, a chance to dive into some cool, new tech?

At Moralis you’ll work in a fast, dedicated and innovative environment and you’ll join a company growing at an exciting pace. You’ll have the opportunity to work with the best projects in Web3. Currently, we are on our journey to onboard the next 1 million Developers to Web3 through Moralis.

For us to be able to reach that, continue delivering outstanding results, and grow at the desired pace, we are looking for a Senior Product Manager for our API and Auth Squad.

About the role ‍‍

As Senior Product Manager in our API and Auth squad, you are responsible for making publicly-facing API’s as developer friendly as possible together with the squad. You will be responsible for discovery and defining the strategy for your product. Making sure it aligns with our Product Strategy and ensure your product contribute to our business objectives.

How we define product responsibilities ️

At Moralis we strive for excellence, for the Product Chapter that means becoming an expert in the Product Development Craft. Here we share the standards our Product Managers strive for at Moralis:

  • Apply a continuous discovery process
    • You talk to customer weekly
    • Synthesis new learnings continuously and updating your opportunity space frequently
    • Share your learnings with your team and Moralis frequently
    • “We are customer centric, we never forget that the purpose of our business is to server and deliver value to our customers”
  • Product Strategic for your domain
    • Define how your product aims to solve customer problems in your domain
    • Define how your product fit into the large web3 space
    • Define how your product fit into Moralis product portfolio
    • “We solve customer problems in ways that work for our business”
  • Outcome driven thinking
    • Ensure your product contribute to the overall Business Objectives the organisation is pursuing
    • Define the Product Metrics that will deliver customer value
    • Always measure your teams success by how much you move your metrics
    • “We do not ship features, we solve customer problems!“
  • Iterative execution process in your team
    • You tackle risks up front, rather than at the end of development
      • Value risk – if a customer will buy it
      • Usability risk – if user can figure out how to use it
      • Feasibility risk – if our engineers can build what we need with the time, skills, and technology at hand
      • Business viability risk – if this solution also works for the various aspects of our business, sales, marketing, finance, legal, etc
    • Your products are defined and designed collaboratively, rather than sequentially
      • In strong teams, product, design, and engineering work side by side, in a give-and-take way, to come up with technology-powered solutions that our customers love and that work for our business.
    • You apply discovery throughout your development process so you are always able to get fast input from your users, ensuring you build something customers want and enjoy in the end.
    • You deconstruct opportunities into series of smaller distinct opportunities in order for your team to continuously ship customer value.
  • Subject Matter Expert, you strive towards
    • Gaining a deep knowledge of your customer
    • Gaining a deep knowledge of your data
    • Gaining a deep knowledge of our business
    • Gaining a deep knowledge of your market and industry

About you & Key Qualifications ‍️‍️

  • Above everything else, you are a smart and driven individual who want to work at a company with other smart and driven colleagues.
  • You are organized and self-driven.
  • You have a bias for action and a get-it-done mindset, delivering fast results requires the fearless acceptance of occasionally making mistakes; at Moralis our bias for action also allows us to course-correct quickly.
  • You have strong troubleshooting abilities for diagnosing complex systems and issues. You are able to understand how your decisions contribute to the large system of Moralis.
  • You have at least 3+ years of product management of equivalent experience in an API driven SaaS company, preferably in the blockchain and crypto industry or in the Fintech space.
  • Ability to facilitate and contribute to engineering discussions around solutions and strategy.
  • Preferably deep understanding of blockchain protocols and cryptocurrency ecosystems.
  • Preferably deep understanding of technology.
  • Proven record of shipping features on time and on budget.

We truly appreciate the mindset of someone who always finds a way of improving existing work and strives to reach higher highs. To be successful at Moralis, team members need to develop their own daily priorities to achieve goals. Whether you are an individual contributor or a member of the leadership team, leadership is required from everyone. In return, you’ll get to work with a fun team (we love memes and gaming), diverse (we have team members from 40 different countries all over the world! ), dedicated and forward-looking people (for real). We have a fully remote-first culture, meaning Moralis is open for everyone who is interested in working in the Metaverse.

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