Senior mobile developer (interested in learning flutter… ny

Code master : Constantly improve the codebase by writing clean, maintainable, high-quality code, and be comfortable with writing unit, widget, and integration tests in each and every step!...

Do you want to be part of a company that wants to change the meaning of money nowadays, making the world fairer with the same conditions for everyone? Do you want to feel that money is not a way to rank people and because it doesn’t matter how much money you have or where do you come from? Do you want to learn flutter and become an expert on it?

Now you can do it! If you are an experienced Front End Developer who wants to change the world and grow with us, we want to say: Welcome aboard to Criptan!

Our vision is to make cryptocurrency available for the regular people in the street. Our motto: Crypto for everyone. We´re much more than a cryptocurrency trading platform, we make cryptocurrencies part of people’s daily lives and we are proud of it!

We believe that the future of money has to be accessible to everyone and we try to do so in the most transparent and honest way possible

Nowadays, we´re closing a funding round of 3 million euros to professionalizing the team to go beyond frontiers!

Do you want to be a part of this team? Okay, let’s start!

What will your contributions be?

Your mission: Take ownership of the mobile app, bringing knowledge and solutions to our current technical team, and optimize for rapid agile development. Your success in this mission will be stellar if you develop the following roles and responsibilities:

Solutions creator : Feel happy developing and creating end-to-end solutions

Code master : Constantly improve the codebase by writing clean, maintainable, high-quality code, and be comfortable with writing unit, widget, and integration tests in each and every step!

Which is the stack we use?

  • Flutter * Dart * Kotlin/Swift

(If you don´t know about flutter, you can learn with us)

What will make you succeed with us?

You need to have worked in a robust app with a great number of users, because Criptan´s impact is growing each day, and you need to lead it to the next level

You have developed a side project on Flutter (basic experience)

3+ years of experience in the development of large-scale online projects: We work with large-scale online projects and you will be in charge of the frontend development.

You will need to have a good understanding of REST API concepts and implementation patterns, along with Websockets.

Experience working in fast-paced growing teams in an agile environment because we work in a lean/agile environment, so you need to know about it.

You are autonomously capable of analyzing and understanding product requirements and make proactive suggestions or initiatives, there is always room for improvement!

Being highly organized, strong attention to detail, problem solver, to make every product with the best quality possible.

Being a great team player with high communication skills and sense of humor, you can work collaboratively with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

You have a strong motivation for new technologies, we will encourage you to suggest new ideas and developments and make them happen!

It will also be awesome if you have:
GraphQL concepts and implementation patterns.

What benefits CRIPTAN offers you?

Work with a powerful culture : We follow a user-centric culture, with a radical focus on simplicity and convenience throughout all our products. We strive to add real value to user’s daily lives and we feel proud of it.

Competitive salary: full-time role as Backend Developer.

Location flexibility : This is a fully remote position so that will allow you to work from anywhere in the world.

‍ ‍ ‍ Teammates : We’re a small and highly motivated team of people working 100% remotely in 4 different countries. We’re innovative and passionate, and we love to share our vision and will devote ourselves to it. You can check our profiles or blogs

Cryptoperks : DeFI and Crypto constant training and updates, your salary or part of it can be “cryptonized” (BTC/ETH/LTC), additionally, there are always bonuses and special discounts buying and selling crypto.

With whom will you carry out these contributions?

Do you want to know who will be your future partner in this mission? No problem!

We introduce you to Ruben Fernández who will be your partner in this journey. He can help you with everything you need and more. Don’t hesitate to contact him if you have any questions!

You will also work with amazing people like Paul Martz

Find more information about us on our website

Don’t forget that we’re looking for innovative and passionate individuals, who share our vision and will devote themselves to it.

If you think you are the right person for this job don’t hesitate and apply now! & start a tremendous experience with CRIPTAN!