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So do you want to put your game design skills to work in the blockchain industry and change the world of gaming as we know it? Cool, check this out. (BTW this is not some picture game) What

So do you want to put your game design skills to work in the blockchain industry and change the world of gaming as we know it? Cool, check this out. (BTW this is not some picture game)

What’s the job?

What will happen when you build games on top of blockchain technology? You can basically have a multiverse and visit it in game (in theory). Or have your ultimate RPG character linked to you as an NFT. Or say when you’re good at sim-racing you could even have your local fastfood chain sponsor you if you want and have their logo show all across your car in-game. Welcome to the future of gaming. And we are at the forefront with our Play-To-Earn MMO: “My Neighbor Alice”

We are currently building the world for Alice to be a neighbor in and It’s going well. So well in fact that the alpha version of our game is live and playable. We’ve hired an experienced Game Economy Designer to keep the player interested and it’s only getting better. But there are some challenges.


What will you do?

Our game is big and only getting bigger and better. Because ever player can build their own world and interact with each other and visit other worlds we are looking for a Senior/Lead Game Designer that will push this game to the next level by working directly with the game director and the blockchain team. You will:

  • Prototype design ideas in Unity
  • Create a holistic design which follows the games vision
  • Design systems and tune them for specific goals
  • Implement the feedback from user research and QA
  • Integrate game design with blockchain primitives

Our mission for this project is to introduce the world to the magical world of blockchain, learn about NFT’s and even let people earn some real-world value all while having fun!

Are you ready to be a part of it?

What are we looking for?

What we’re looking for in you:

  • You have relevant experience within a senior/lead game design role. (If you call yourself Senior after 1 year that’s also fine, just show us why:)
  • You have experience working with Unity (or Unreal)
  • Good at giving feedback and engage in healthy design discussion (not your way or thehighway)
  • Strong collaborative and team based attitude.
  • Able to articulate initial ideas into concrete game features.
  • You haver an understanding of game flow, engagement, pacing and testing.
  • You have an understanding and interest in the world of blockchain (not the current price of Bitcoin but rather what is Ethereum, how does it work and why is it changing the world).

Education doesn’t matter but then you should be able to show that your work is of the same level as someone with an educated background. Just to show us that education doesn’t matter;)

What’s in it for you?

What we can give you:

  • Something very cool to tell at parties.
  • You’re also the coolest person in the room at parties when Bitcoin is in the green.
  • A place in the history books of videogame history.
  • A completely remote job (so you must like your home office, but of course you can visit collegues if you want.)
  • 80 – 100k per year

Looking forward to hear from you:) contact:

PS: Of course when Bitcoin is green it’s all fun and games (pun intended) so if you are you wondering if we’re still going to be here if the crypto market crashes? Don’t. We’ll still be around. Our biggest challenge right now is hiring you;)

Are you interested? Then respond via the application form or send your resume to Calling is always faster, you can do that on +31 (0)6 82 09 94 93

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