Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer (m/w/d)

About the Role Our team is cross-functional, self-organizing, and autonomous. We have a flat hierarchy: there are no architects, project managers, or middle management. As part of the team, you’ll

About the Role

Our team is cross-functional, self-organizing, and autonomous. We have a flat hierarchy: there are no architects, project managers, or middle management. As part of the team, you’ll be working directly with our Product Manager, Founders, and stakeholders in a collaborative manner.

Among other things, we practice Pair-Programming, TDD/BDD, Continuous Refactoring, Continuous Integration & Delivery, and we’re relentlessly improving the way we work (e.g., our development and product processes). Additionally, we have a regular book club where we read and discuss books that can help us improve our software engineering practices and processes, and as people in general. We are fully aware that we’re not perfect and we’re not afraid to say so. We recognize the problems that we have and are taking full responsibility to solve them. That’s our journey of continuous improvement. We expect the same attitude from you!

Practices and technologies we use

Most of our tech stack is in Typescript/Javascript on the web front-end and back-end side of things. On the blockchain side, we have Solidity/Javascript.
We’d be interested in candidates from any background as long as you have a keen understanding of Object-Oriented programming languages, Design patterns, Testing/TDD, and Refactoring. Here’s a list of practices and technologies we’re currently using:

  • TDD, XP, Pair-Programming, Continuous Refactoring, Continuous Integration
  • Typescript, Javascript
  • MySQL, Prisma 1, TypeORM
  • Nexus, ExpressJS
  • GraphQL, OAuth
  • React, ApolloClient, Bootstrap, Sass
  • Jest, Mocha, Sinon, Chai
  • AWS, Terraform, Terragrunt, Kubernetes, Docker, Aurora
  • CircleCI
  • Git

This list of technologies is not exhaustive and not final by any means. We’re continually evaluating our options, and if something is beneficial to the team, we’re going to pick it up and integrate it.

What we expect

  • You care about software, and you have a passion for what you do, and you want to deliver software that works well and provides value to users and the business. You can clearly show this by your actions and behaviors (not just in words or statements in CV).
  • You prefer simple solutions, have an eye for software design, and incrementally improve existing solutions and evolve design over time rather than do a “big rewrite.”
  • You are a solid full-stack web developer. That means that you can build applications from start to end, from front-end, through API and business logic, and down to the database schema and 3rd-party service integrations.
  • For you, software engineering is more than just a job. You read, experiment, practice, and continuously improve yourself, your skills, and keep them sharp.

How we work

TDD & Refactoring

We’re strong advocates of TDD and continuous refactoring. Among other things, we think these practices are foundational for the long-term success of a software company and are pillars of staying fast and very nimble development team. If you have working experience in TDD and refactoring—awesome! We’d like to hear from you about it. How have you used them on a recent project? What challenges have you faced?


For us, pair-programming is one of the super-powers that we possess. The kind of pair-programming, where two developers (or more) sit together in front of one screen and discuss the problem at hand, and the code gets written as a side effect of such fruitful discussion. We think that this practice gives us an edge in knowledge transfer, getting people up-to-speed, unblocking each other, and, in general, makes us a faster team.

We do anywhere from 10%-50% of pair-programming in a week—it highly depends on whether the work demands it more or less. If you were to join us, expect a lot of pairing in your first few weeks: we want to get you up-to-speed with our product and codebase in days—not weeks.

If you have done pair-programming before, or want to do it, we’d like to hear from you!

Why you should apply

In the beginning, wealth is insurance; later, wealth enables freedom. We help people build wealth faster, so they can achieve that freedom. We develop RIDE to make institutional tools and strategies accessible – because wealth should not be a privilege. Legally compliant. Understandable. Cost-effective. Net return-focused.

What we offer

  • Modern office in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg on top of the club Watergate, with roof terrace and view of the river Spree
  • Free lunch freshly cooked by our private chef and of course fresh fruit, cereals and beverages
  • A fitness studio and yoga session every Thursday
  • Competitive compensation
  • Home office option
  • MacBook Pro 16″ and external 34″ inch monitors in the office
  • Individual development and training opportunities, incl. bi-yearly 360° feedback
  • Internal Academy – by employees for employees. We cover topics such as cryptocurrencies, real estate investing, stock and derivatives trading
  • Highly motivated colleagues & innovative work environment
  • Regular team, FinTech and community events for networking


We hope we sparked your interest, and we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Please send us:

  • Your CV & references
  • Salary expectations & start date

As an equal opportunity employer, we at RIDE are committed to a diverse, inclusive and healthy work environment. We welcome applications from all qualified candidates regardless of ethnicity, color, ancestry, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability or gender identity.


Anna Punda
Senior HR Manager

Am Haus Watergate
Falkensteinstraße 49
10997 Berlin

About us

RIDE is a FinTech based in Berlin. Through our “low-tax investing” approach, we want to enable customers to build up more wealth faster, so that they can fulfill their dreams before they retire.
Our platform offers digital wealth structuring: We are building the private bank for your pocket, without the high financial entry barriers that private banking usually entails. After all, professional wealth structuring, institutional tools and investment strategies should not be exclusively accessible to the super-rich.
We focus on real returns: RIDE supports its clients in the tax optimisation of their investments through the corporate structure of a GmbH. With services such as wealth structuring, provision of a tax advisor platform, and automated securities booking, we have taken the initial steps towards becoming a digital private bank. We reduce the workload and costs of our clients so that they can reinvest more and accelerate their wealth building.
RIDE is an innovative, and fast-paced company with people not just being passionate about wealth design and technology, but also about our vibrant company culture. We’re growing and looking for creative, passionate, intelligent, and enthusiastic individuals to join our team. Our international team of more than 50 extraordinary people is looking forward to your application!

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