Senior full stack developer neu

You like Building modern and reliable production systems. You'll work in English and French in the Lausanne area (Switzerland). Temporarily due to COVID-19....

Olympe is an innovative Swiss start-up which operates in a fast-pace and stimulating environment. We provide a new way for enterprises to re-invent themselves and accomplish their ambitions. A platform, where business & IT teams collaborate in real time to deliver impactful enterprise software incredibly fast.

The market calls it “Composable Enterprise”.

It empowers people to turn their ideas into tangible software solutions and accelerate business transformation while guaranteeing a final result aligned with the core business needs.

We are looking for a senior software engineer, who will contribute to the success of our platform, used in domains such as IoT, blockchain, distributed systems, web and mobile apps.

We are aiming for operational excellence, and our vision for our product is to build PaaS on AWS but also deploy the solution on private clouds and other cloud providers.

Who you are:

  • You like Building modern and reliable production systems
  • Years of experience taught you that anyone could write code, but writing code that others understand is an art you value
  • You’re an early adopter, you want to use the latest technologies.
  • You’re curious: you are not afraid to make mistakes and you know that is how one gains experience.
  • You like to challenge and be challenged, opened to change and enjoy exploring unchartered territories.
  • You get things done: you focus on things that matter and like to see tangible progress.
  • You are a team player: you know it’s not only about what you do but a lot about with whom and how you do it. You’ll work in English and French in the Lausanne area (Switzerland).


  • Strong distributed systems experience or theory
  • Experience with languages running on the JVM
  • JavaScript knowledge
  • Familiar with DevOps practices
  • Clean code, software craftsmanship are your bread and butter
  • Functional programming is a paradigm you understand
  • You are familiar with culture, methodology and organisational concerns that help developers work in a bleeding edge environment

The icing on the cake if you have experience with

  • Message brokers : RabbitMQ, Kafka, Pulsar
  • IMDGs : Hazelcast, Infinispan
  • Graph databases

You will join a team, where you will:

  • Contribute to the progress of Olympe on its way to operational excellence.
  • Help design a state-of-the-art distributed system, with High Availability in mind.
  • Work on frontend and backend, with a focus on back and distributed architecture
  • Voice your ideas, concerns, and be heard.
  • Enjoy being able to make the necessary changes to the current architecture.
  • Work in a flexible environment with flat hierarchy and smart open-minded people.

What we offer:

· To join an independent start-up in its high growth phase and a fun yet experienced bunch of people.

· The opportunity to contribute to our product on all aspects (ideation, analysis, design, user testing, etc.) and an environment to create and explore new technologies and techniques.

· A competitive salary package & the chance to grow with the company.

To join the adventure, please send your CV and motivation letter to us.

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Work Remotely:

  • Temporarily due to COVID-19