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Do you think it's too difficult to enter the world of crypto? How can we fix this problem you might ask... Our client has the answer and is looking for the best full stack developers to bolster their

Do you think it’s too difficult to enter the world of crypto? How can we fix this problem you might ask… Our client has the answer and is looking for the best full stack developers to bolster their ranks and make their vision into a reality.

The Company

Our client is a young scale-up based in Amsterdam that aims to do one thing, improve the user experience entering the cryptocurrency scene. This means changing traditional money into cryptocurrencies. This should be a process that is as frictionless as possible and our client will make that happen. They do this by adding a plug-in into existing applications such as wallets, DeFi application and trading platforms. By offering people the cheapest and easiest on-ramps they take away the headaches associated to this process currently. Imagine a skyscanner-like plug-in for ways to buy crypto. They call themselves the future paypall of crypto, and they’re right on their way to become just that.

Recently their company did a bit of reorganizing to get all noses in the same direction. All that is left are the best developers and the people who really believe in the project. This means there are 8 developers left with strong experience in software development. The company is still small, but they have backing to grow their team, and they plan to do that, by a lot… The estimation is that their team will grow to around 70 people by the end of 2023. That says loads about their backing and ambitions.

Besides their already impressive list of partnerships, they have some really big names in the pipelines to become partners, which we can’t disclose yet. But these partnerships might have something to do with their ambitions to grow this quickly…

The job

So it gets even more exciting. Because the company is so young they’re looking for the best full stack devs that want to shape this scale-up into the heavy hitter it’s looking to become. You will be doing this by doing 80/20 frontend backend. The techstack is Typescript, AWS, React and Node mainly but an agnostic view on technology is important too, be willing to learn everything. For now you won’t be doing anything with blockchain development specifically yet, but within the next 6 months they will start doing that too! It’s your choice whether you want to be a part of that or not. Do you have a suggestion to change the techstack? They want to hear your case and will seriously take it into considiration!

One of the great things about entering a promising company like this at this stage is that the positions you can take are endless:

  • Do you like to just work on clean code all day? This is the right place.
  • Do you want to take a lead position? This is the right place.
  • Do you want to go all the way up to high management to help architect the entire technical side of the company? This is the right place.

There is even space to try different positions out without being stuck in that position if it doesn’t fit!

You and the other early devs will be shaping this company and grow with it!

Who are you?

  • 6+ years of software development experience.
  • Experience with Javascript preferably with Node and React.
  • Be a passionate developer with true interest in software as well as crypto.
  • Be excited about the prospect of growing a company together with your new colleagues.
  • Be a strong communicator with strong soft skills.
  • AWS experience is a plus.

The perks

  • Be a key part of a kick-ass scale up that has the potentional to grow to a billion dollar company.
  • Be a key part of helping cryptocurrencies become mainstream, helping the world towards a more fair financial system.
  • Work in an open working environment where you are free to be creative and make suggestions.
  • Have a great office in Amsterdam where you can go as you please, that means fully flexible.
  • A salary up to 150k a year!
  • Get a 20% bonus in either equity or cash.
  • Get equity in a company you would really want equity in.

Interested and you want to know more? Contact Ron Stikkelman at or +31651659849

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