Senior Frontend Developer (React + Typescript) – NFT Marketplace

Are you eyeing the magical world of Web3, Cryptocurrencies, NFT's and are you looking for a good entry point to not only buy the dip, but work there as well? Look no further. The Company

Are you eyeing the magical world of Web3, Cryptocurrencies, NFT’s and are you looking for a good entry point to not only buy the dip, but work there as well? Look no further.

The Company

Our client has been working in the Blockchain Industry since 2012 and have seen every hype and wave the Crypto-Space has seen. Up until’ 2019 they’ve been working on so called “permission-based blockchains” for land-registry projects for governments or internal transaction projects for companies like Mercedes.

(A “permission-based blockchain” is a blockchain where only the node holders can view the information stored on the blockchain, yeah I needed to learn that too;) )

Because of the work they’ve been doing for a couple of years they discovered the concept of the NFT, saw the potential and decided to make a decentralized ecosystem tailored to NFT’s in all kinds different industries.

Art, Games, Music, Film you name it.

And that’s where you come in!

The Job

Their ecosystem is currently divided into different sectors. You have the blockchain on which games are build (there’s about 80 million being invested in studio’s to build games on this blockchain) and everything players make or use in these games are NFT’s.

Then there’s the art side where they have renowned artist display their art. There’s also a fun bit of social control in which only artists can refer other artists. This is to have a standard of quality where not every idiot with paint can put there collection on there. No, quality comes first.

All of this will come together in one beautiful solution that will launch this summer, the marketplace.

So what are you going to work on? Short answer: “The Front-End of The Marketplace”

Honestly there’s way more but I’d rather explain that on the phone than copy pasting their entire whitepaper;)

But there’s still a little more to read so if you’ve liked it so far? Keep reading!

The Requirements

What we’re looking for in you:

  • You have worked in a role as a front-end engineer for at least 4 years with SPA frameworks of which more than 50% was with React.
  • You have an expertise in Typescript.
  • You view yourself as at least a medior Front-End engineer.
  • You have knowledge of the world of blockchain (not the current price of Bitcoin but rather what is Ethereum, how does it work and why is it changing the world).
  • Education doesn’t matter but then you should be able to show that your code is of the same level as someone with an educated background. Just to show us that education doesn’t matter;)
  • You can stand on your own, because it’s remote. The team is global.

The Yield

What they can give you:

Something very complicated to tell at parties. It will be like explaining facebook to people in 2004.

  • You’re also the coolest person in the room at parties when Bitcoin is in the green.
  • A place in the history books
  • A completely remote job (so you must like your home office, but ofcourse you can visit collegues if you want.)
  • up to 90k a year

Looking forward to hear from you:)

Are you interested? Then respond via the application form or send your resume to Calling is always faster, you can do that on +31 (0)6 82 09 94 93


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