Senior DeFi Product Manager

In this role you’ll be responsible for…. Defining the product roadmap and creating detailed user stories. Seeking integration and collaboration opportunities…...

Pollen is a cutting edge DAO platform and DeFi asset management protocol at the forefront of the DeFi revolution.

We’re hiring a DeFi Product Manager to deliver our roadmap, working closely with development and design teams.

In this role you’ll be responsible for…

Defining the product roadmap and creating detailed user stories

Managing Pollen product development to deliver specific projects

Seeking integration and collaboration opportunities throughout the DeFi ecosystem

Why Pollen?

Pollen is at the forefront of a revolution to deliver truly decentralized indices to DeFi, breaking free from transposed CeFi models, and one of the most exciting projects in the blockchain ecosystem. We fundamentally believe blockchain is a new generation of technology that lays a foundation for a more just and equitable society. You can be a part of building the digital economy of tomorrow and radically transforming society for the better.


We ask that you have…

Several years product management experience and a proven track record

Experience working on an Agile development team, strong interpersonal skills, and analytic thinking

Familiarity with the Ethereum ecosystem and interest in decentralized finance


Generous benefits package, remote and flexible working hours