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Security & Dev Ops Engineer neu

A solid understanding and experience with blockchain technologies. Design, maintain and implement robust deployments for Centrifuge blockchain nodes....

Are you looking to join a fast-growing team? Are you passionate about blockchains, open-source software & financial software and want to have an impact on a space that is still in its infancy: Decentralized Finance?

Centrifuge‘s purpose is to dismantle the existing financial infrastructure, strip it down, and reassemble it for the 21st century. With Centrifuge, we have launched a Decentralized Asset Financing Protocol that allows companies to access bankless liquidity.

Our users are on both sides: companies that want to finance assets (such as invoices, mortgages, or streaming revenue) using DeFi, and investors that are interested in investing in such on-chain portfolios.

Both sides internally use public blockchains, and you will be heavily involved in the underlying infrastructure that makes these DeFi applications possible.

We are a team of 16, diverse, across different locations with a home base in Berlin. The responsibilities might require flexible working hours.

You will take over DevOps and Security responsibilities from our distributed systems engineers, setting up a new DevOps team that will grow with the company, allowing you to grow in any direction you like. You will work closely with our Engineering and Product teams. You will drive the engineering security in the Crypto space, where security is extremely important.

You are or held us accountable to:

  • Develop secure cloud infrastructure and software applications in the security-first Crypto space
  • Perform security vulnerability assessments over our tech stack
  • Define guidelines and best practices for different types of software products across teams
  • Build a culture of security-first across the engineering teams
  • Help maintain high availability of the Centrifuge services
  • Design, maintain and implement robust deployments for Centrifuge blockchain nodes
  • Implement secure ways to keep, distribute and rotate sensitive data such as passwords and blockchain wallets
  • Analyze performance, identify bottlenecks and implement improvements over our peer-to-peer layer
  • Create logging, monitoring, and alerting services for our software products

In terms of skills, we are looking for:

  • Docker and Kubernetes (or other container orchestration infrastructure) experience, including IAM and RBAC management.
  • AWS, GCP, or other Cloud provider experience
  • Practical experience with Security DevOps best practices, and tools such as Vault, Kubernetes secrets, in addition to any local or cloud secret managers
  • Networking, VPN (IPSEC / OpenVPN)
  • CI/CD tools such as Spinnaker, Jenkins …
  • UNIX/Linux administration experience
  • Solid experience in scripting languages (Bash/Shell/Ruby/Python)
  • A solid understanding and experience with blockchain technologies
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong will to automate as much as possible without compromising security

And we would be very excited if you have:

  • Experience with Container Security Tools
  • Experience with running, upgrading, monitoring, and maintaining blockchain validator nodes
  • Experience working with a remote team located around the world

There is no preferred work location. You can work remotely, or join our teams in Berlin, Germany, or NYC/Phoenix, US.