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Description About IriusRisk We are a young cybersecurity scale-up with a mission to make secure design a de facto practice for all software applications. Our automated threat modeling products make


About IriusRisk

We are a young cybersecurity scale-up with a mission to make secure design a de facto practice for all software applications. Our automated threat modeling products make the process of a secure design fast, easy, and accessible to non-security experts.

Threat modeling as a practice is maturing, for example through the recent inclusion of “Insecure Design” in the OWASP Top 10, and Gartner puts the market at 2-5 years from the mainstream. Building on this and following a successful Series A funding round in late 2020, IriusRisk has grown significantly over the past two years. And it continues to grow. With a remote-first and inclusive culture, we can hire some of the best talents in Europe and the Americas. Our IriusRisk Technical Advisory Board is made up of key industry leaders and helps to inform the development of our platform, addressing the software security challenges that our customers face. Those customers include household names in the financial services and technology industries, and our customer base and verticals continue to expand – from cryptocurrency to medical devices and IoT.

An evolving company

As a company, we believe in continuous improvement, both at a personal and an organizational level. Change is the only constant. So, we must be willing to challenge the status quo and find better ways of doing things. We have recently introduced OKRs as a way to increase transparency and alignment across the company and to focus on what matters. We have also recently restructured the engineering teams into cross-functional and agile product teams that have end-to-end ownership of the value streams for their respective personas. OKRs give the product teams problems to solve, not a list of features to implement. Because we’re early on in the product team adoption, some of the team members currently wear several “hats” including scrum master, product owner, architect, and team lead. The product owners regularly meet with our awesome Customer Success team to understand the challenges and requests coming from customers, and we have recently launched customer research and product discovery program to improve collaboration with customers on early ideas and designs. As a platform, IriusRisk has a monolithic architecture written in Java and using the Vaadin framework, released as containers provided to on-prem customers or deployed to AWS as single-tenant SaaS. However, we have recently started to migrate the user interface to React which will give us much more flexibility and control over the UX. As part of this role, you will also help to break out IriusRisk into more manageable services or micro-services as needed.

What will you do?

With all the above, you can infer we have lots of release challenges, so we are looking for an experienced release engineer that will own the release process. The main responsibilities for this role will be:

  • Standardize the current release process by providing identifiability, repeatability, and automation.
  • Follow up closely on what is in each release. Work closely with the product owners to understand the delivery status of each release item.
  • Measure the health of the release process and drive continuous improvement:
  • Verify all the required changes and tests that need to be part of the release have been included and executed with success.
  • Make sure all the assurance mechanisms are in a healthy state (pipelines, automated tests, migrations, deployment pipelines, etc.).
  • Release the modules that are part of the final artifact.
  • Create the release notes.
  • Inform other teams about what’s in the release.
  • Collaborate closely with Customer Support and DevOps to organize maintenance windows to update the software. This has to cover specific customer cases also.
  • Understand and communicate to the teams what should be in a minor, major, or hotfix release according to our internal standards and the feedback from Customer Support and Product.

What are we offering?

  • 100% remote work!
  • 36 hours work week distributed in 4 or 5 working days
  • Great team collaboration between departments.
  • We have a “Do it well” DevOps culture and we don’t fear investing time to do things right the first time.
  • Training and certifications related to your role.


  • Deep understanding of Java, Git (Gitflow Workflow), Bitbucket, and the Atlassian suite.
  • Experience working as a release engineer or as a developer managing the release process.
  • Experience in working SaaS and on-premises type deployments.
  • Strong knowledge of pipelines and tools around it.
  • Strong knowledge of agile methodologies, extra points if worked with Product Teams before.
  • Basic knowledge of and Cloud.
  • Extra points for experience with microservices and its release/deployment process for SaaS and on-premises.
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