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Recruiter with all of the freedom. All. Of. It. I’ve been speaking to rec2rec’s lately and they’ve all being telling me that it’s impossible to find candidates, no one wants to leave their jobs, you n

Recruiter with all of the freedom. All. Of. It.

I’ve been speaking to rec2rec’s lately and they’ve all being telling me that it’s impossible to find candidates, no one wants to leave their jobs, you need to pay in uncut diamonds and they’re simply too busy to even entertain working with a smaller recruitment business because they have all of their other clients they can’t fill jobs for to worry about. Ever the optimist, I’ve decided to ignore them and try myself and so you are reading this. Thank you for getting this far.

As a business we’re in a pretty unusual position. 2020 was one of the toughest years in recruitment I’ve ever faced but then 2021 has been one of the easiest. Given how bad 2020 was I now find myself in a position where we are doing better than I could have possibly imagined. Ok maybe that’s not true I can imagine myself owning a yacht. I don’t want a yacht, but it seems like something I should do if I achieved a yacht level of income. 2021 has been good. Not yacht good – but good. As a consequence, we’ve been thinking about reinvesting. I’ve put a bit in cryptocurrency, I’ve been tempted then changed my mind on a couple of other investments people tell me about (whisky is apparently the place to be but where would you put it all and what if there was a fire?) and we’ve thought about hiring. Generally speaking, employees are less flammable than whisky and probably easier to store.

Our core business is a niche within a niche of the legal sector – intellectual property law – but I’m not particularly looking for someone to help us there (but if you do want to – ask). What I am interested in is hiring a recruiter who knows what they’re doing and is happy to port that knowledge to us and build from what may be scratch. We have the foundation of a finance recruitment division so if you want to recruit in that area then much of the infrastructure is already in place but if you are in another sector entirely, that’s grand too. Most obvious might be someone working in the broader legal recruitment sector as it would dovetail well into our existing business but then I.T., Insurance, administration, whatever you want to do really, I’ll happily chat it through with you.

You can work remotely all of the time, so it really doesn’t matter where you are. We’re in the Leeds area but you could be anywhere – Didcot, Dunstable or Dudley (or even somewhere not beginning with D). It would be nice to meet you in person once in a while but that can be in a pub, restaurant, cinema, theme park, whatever. I’d actually quite like to try a business development discussion on a rollercoaster so maybe we can go for the theme park option?

What I need in return from you in the first year is ideally a little bit of profit or worst case breaking even, so I would hope that you were confident of that. In the longer-term profit is good, obviously, but my minimums are really that we all make a bit of money and not outlandish expectations (although outlandish results are perfectly fine and actively welcomed). We’ll make sure commission is very fair and always discussed with you and that you get a well-deserved slice of the cake.

You will be able to cope with having all of this freedom and an absence of the structure (and restrictions) that some recruitment firms give/insist upon. Perhaps you’ve been toying with the idea of setting up your own company but have had cold feet about that? This would be next best thing. More support, more whimsy and less risk, administration and accounting.

If you’ve been worried about going back to an office and a return of micromanaging, not being able to go the dentist in the middle of the day or just wearing your favourite pyjamas to work then we can accommodate all of that. No micromanagement, healthy dental hygiene and yes you can wear your Bob the Builder onesie to work if you want.

Get in touch, let’s have chat, there’s really nothing to lose. Just give me a heads up so I can get to the diamond mine, those rocks won’t excavate themselves.

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: £25,000.00-£45,000.00 per year


  • Monday to Friday


  • recruitment: 1 year (preferred)

Work remotely:

  • Yes
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