Project Manager – Digital Identity

Please note, all positions at the Cardano Foundation require relevant experience. Applications without required experience will not be considered. We are seeking a skilled Project Manager with blockc

Please note, all positions at the Cardano Foundation require relevant experience. Applications without required experience will not be considered.
We are seeking a skilled Project Manager with blockchain experience to join our team focused on Digital Identity solutions for blockchain applications. Your main responsibilities will include the assistance to execute projects with a focus on Digital Identity. Interested candidates shall send both their CV and Cover Letter for review.

What we’re looking for:

    • Project Management
    • Overview:
    • As a Project Manager, you’ll be a part of a team that helps refine and strengthen operational efficiency at Cardano Foundation (CF).
    • Support the Project Management team in facilitating integrations of the Cardano technology stack with various third party efforts and projects.
    • Work with other Project Managers and Cardano Ecosystem Partners to develop new project proposals.
    • Assisting in the effort to improve project management processes, planning, and tools across the organization.
    • Identify and mitigate project risks and blockers; escalate and resolve issues impacting project success;operation, product and tech development.
    • Responsibilities:
    • Planning and overseeing projects to ensure they are completed in a timely fashion whilst collaborating with legal, marketing and the technical integrations team.
    • Develop full scale project plans, facilitate the definition of project scope, goals and deliverables
    • Monitoring progress and keeping stakeholders informed throughout the project lifecycle.
    • Strategically driving simultaneous projects to success
    • Point of contact for specific projects, helping execution and delivery.
    • Compile and present project reports to internal and external stakeholders

    • Relationship Support
    • Maintain existing and establish new partner relationships, keeping them aware of upcoming changes, major milestones, and tasks.
    • Establish and maintain communication channels as required.
    • Own and provide internal-facing dashboards to surface visibility for the state of current projects and relationships.
    • Work closely with colleagues to define and outline strategic impacts for current or potential effort and projects.
    • Update and notify the team when major changes occur.
    • Work productively and independently in a decentralised team

What we’re looking for in you:

    • Fluency in English and excellent written and verbal communication.
    • Experience with technical integration projects and working with diverse teams.
    • 2 to 3 years of project management and related experiences.
    • 3 to 5 years of blockchain industry experience, software development and business innovations will be a plus. Experience with Proof of Concepts, MVPs, and full-scale deployments.
    • Understand the technical aspects of the Cardano protocol and stay up-to-date with its development as well as industry trends, emerging technologies, standards and software development best practices.
    • Be familiar with existing digital identity solutions, industry standards, industry groups, trends, and stakeholders.
    • Be familiar with trends in blockchain applications including technical standards and solutions with transaction metadata, NFTs, digital signatures, data hashes, and other open-source tools for Digital identity.
    • Have experience with or understanding of the broader digital identity landscape, solution providers, tooling, national identity standards, DID, etc.
    • Deployed Smart-contract experience for multiple asset types.
    • Digital Signatures and Data Hash standards

Ideal Candidates will also be able to demonstrate:

    • A solid understanding of technical and business perspectives, an aptitude for thinking outside the box and great interpersonal skills. The role entails strong critical thinking, organization, as well as overall stakeholder and project team management.
    • Blockchain expertise – you understand and can articulate complex blockchain concepts like DeFi, Staking, UTXO model, DAOs. You know most of the major chains and their differences.
    • Blockchain passion – you listen to podcasts, watch videos, attend meetups. You keep up with the field as something that consumes you.
    • Proven ability to solve problems creatively
    • Strong interpersonal skills and extremely resourceful with remote working conditions.
    • Proven ability to complete projects according to outlined scope, and timeline.
    • Able to Ability to think creatively, own issues and excel in a fast-paced environment.
    • Able to easily form good working relationships with various stakeholders.
If you are excited about working in a high growth environment, taking ownership and being part of a high performing team with a passion for blockchain and decentralized open- source networks, we would love to receive your application.
Cardano Foundation does not accept any applications from recruitment agencies for this position. We refuse any responsibility for unsolicited applications as well as any associated fees. Unsolicited applications will be treated as direct application regardless of the channel through which we receive them. Please get in touch with Keith D. Wyss to discuss recruitment services and do not contact Cardano Foundation employees directly.

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