Product Manager

We are a multidisciplinary team of digital consultants, product designers, and software engineers with deep roots in the blockchain space....

About your dream job

We are looking for a Product Manager with some experience who wants to manage one of our most innovative products and bring our cutting-edge blockchain technology to life. In general, our products are a combination of hard- and software and piloted at facilities around the world, while our projects are very challenging and innovative. This allows us to push the boundaries of the new technologies we are using. For example, you might be working on an important sustainability project around responsible sourcing of raw battery materials with some of the world’s leading companies in the mining and electric vehicle industry.

For this role, you will be focusing on managing one specific product. In this light, you will get a central position: overseeing the general process and making sure team members and stakeholders do what they need to do. You make sure you understand what is being developed and what technology is being used, so you can manage the product roadmap and make sure it is aligned with all stakeholders and strategy. You set up any necessary meetings, research, or tests. Your end goal is to make sure the right thing gets built and let the process run smooth as silk.

About you

  • You have a bachelor or master degree in science or design.
  • You have a few years of experience managing products or innovative projects.
  • You know how to translate business objectives into product features and success.
  • You like to work with innovative and industry-leading companies and know-how to develop new business.
  • You know your way around cutting-edge innovation, design, and technology.
  • You can rally a team to turn vision into a reality.
  • You know how to research, organise, prioritize, and roadmap.
  • You have or like to get affinity with blockchain technology/DLT.
  • You have excellent communication and presentation skills (in English).
  • You want to develop yourself into a thought leader around the topic of your choice.

About Kryha

Kryha is a blockchain consulting and development studio. We are a multidisciplinary team of digital consultants, product designers, and software engineers with deep roots in the blockchain space. We drive sustainable industry change by building products to align stakeholders and streamline industry collaboration towards a more sustainable future. Headquartered in Amsterdam with projects all across the globe, Kryha was founded only 4 years ago: The good elements of the startup vibe are still around but the team is experienced and our clients are mature. We believe that our projects change the world for the better and that doing so must be fun! Friday drinks, team lunches, sports, and yearly team weekends abroad are all part of the deal.

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