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Moondance Labs is a blockchain development company and is currently responsible for building Tanssi. Tanssi is a ContainerChain protocol that is built to make it dramatically easier for developers t

Moondance Labs is a blockchain development company and is currently responsible for building Tanssi.

Tanssi is a ContainerChain protocol that is built to make it dramatically easier for developers to launch AppChains.

Tanssi is a parachain on Polkadot that is designed to provide the infrastructure services necessary for developers to launch Appchains with as little friction as possible.

Currently the barriers of entry for developers to launch appchains is still too high – teams take on a significant amount of infrastructure responsibility through having to bootstrap a validator set, launching the chain and also dealing with all the complementary integrations that are necessary (bridges, wallets, block explorers, indexers, oracles, etc.).

Tanssi aims to remove all the infrastructure complexity associated with launching appchains so that developers can focus their entire time on building their applications. By leveraging Polkadot’s shared security architecture, teams will be able to launch appchains with the ease of a smart contract deployment. Tanssi ContainerChains will also benefit from decentralization & on-chain block production and data storage.

Moondance Labs, the primary contributor to the Tanssi Protocol, is looking for a Product and Strategy Lead to join the founding team. Tanssi ( is a layer 1 blockchain focused on simplifying the way devs deploy AppChains with its container chain protocol. The Tanssi containerchain protocol supports appchains deployments with a suite of decentralized infrastructure services that provide a complete AppChain execution environment, allowing devs to focus on the code and logic of the chain they are building without getting bogged down in blockchain infrastructure and integrations. Tanssi is deployed as a parachain on Polkadot ( and allows devs to use the Substrate blockchain development framework ( to create ContainerChains.

The Product and Strategy Lead is a core member of the founding team and the main outward face for the project from a product perspective. They will be responsible for driving product strategy, as well as understanding the market and competitive landscape including Substrate / Polkadot, Cosmos SDK / Cosmos, Avax Subnets, Polygon Edge / Supernets, OP Stack / Superchain, etc. They will also be responsible for thought leadership, including presenting at conferences, writing content and blogs, raising awareness for the project through interviews and PR, and supporting ecosystem growth efforts as a subject matter expert.

The ideal candidate has at least 5 years experience in a product, strategy, or technical role. Web3 experience including knowledge of Ethereum, Cosmos and / or building infrastructure products for a developer audience is highly desirable, but not required. An engineering or technical background, but a current preference to be outward facing is ideal. All of this should support having credible conversations about Tanssi with protocol founders who are considering different AppChain infrastructure approaches for their project.

Moondance Labs is the primary contributor to Tanssi protocol engineering and development. We expect you to bring your ideas, experience, and knowledge to help the Tanssi network develop and grow. Reach out to us if you are interested in helping to drive a multichain future, where devs can deploy production grade AppChains as easily as they deploy smart contracts.


  • Define and drive product strategy, work closely with other founders and stakeholders to implement and execute strategies.
  • Be the outward face of the project from a product perspective. This includes presenting at conferences, interviews, and engaging in PR activities.
  • Research the competitive landscape. Stay current with the AppChain infrastructure market including projects like Substrate / Polkadot, Cosmos, Avax Subnets, Polygon Edge / Supernets, OP Stack / Superchain. Clarify and push competitive differentiation relative to other offerings.
  • Be a strong voice of the customer back into the protocol engineering team.
  • Work with other founders on strategic project decisions, partnerships, go to market strategies, and other key cross cutting initiatives.
  • Establish relationships with key ecosystem and industry stakeholders to be able to drive awareness and ecosystem growth.
  • Attend conferences and other events to network, identify new opportunities, and raise awareness for Moonbeam and its ecosystem.
  • Write blogs and other thought leadership pieces to establish Tanssi as the leader in decentralized AppChain infrastructure.
  • Support ecosystem development efforts by bringing a product and technical lens to the conversation.
  • Communicate regularly and clearly, verbally and in written form, with other team members and also with other partners, vendors, and community members.
  • Participate in public governance discussions if required for initiatives and partnerships.
  • Quarterly and annual goal setting and tracking activity against commitments.


  • Previous web3 experience or experience creating developer infrastructure products is highly desirable.
  • 5 years experience in a product, strategy, or technology leadership role is strongly preferred.
  • Track record of thought leadership in a related domain, presenting at conferences.
  • Experience on a team that developed a blockchain or AppChain is highly desirable. Hands-on experience in a protocol development or engineering role is also a plus.
  • Knowledge of Ethereum, Cosmos, Avax, Polkadot and Polygon is a plus. As well as familiarity with L2s.
  • Good writing skills with an ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and accessible way. An ability to point to published blogs or content that demonstrates this.
  • Attention to detail while working well under pressure.
  • Undergraduate degree required.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: £120,887.00-£132,393.00 per year


  • Employee stock purchase plan
  • Work from home

Work Location: Remote

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