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We are seeking to fill a post-doctoral researcher position at IBM Research – Zurich in the area of cryptography & blockchain. » DAS ETH in Data Science....


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Post-doctoral researcher or research scientist

Blockchain & applied cryptography

Ref. 2020_009

We are seeking to fill a post-doctoral researcher position at IBM Research – Zurich in the area of cryptography & blockchain. Particular topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Blockchains and distributed-

    ledger technologies

  • Verifiable computing and zero-knowledge proofs
  • Foundations & solutions for real-world cryptography

We are also seeking to fill a software engineer position focused on implementation of advanced cryptographic algorithms (e.g., ZK-Snarks-based protocols) and consensus algorithms.

The positions may be partially or fully funded by the EU H2020 project PRIViLEDGE, which focuses on privacy in distributed ledgers, and are available immediately.

The successful candidates will enjoy an internationally competitive salary and work in a collaborative and creative group in an exclusive research environment.

The Blockchain Security & Applications group at IBM Research Europe in Zurich offers an exciting research environment with the possibility to cooperate with researchers working on various aspects of security and cryptography, including blockchain, lattice-based cryptography, provably secure protocol design, and system security. At the same time, the Blockchain Security & Applications group has been leading IBM contributions in security and privacy components of Hyperledger Fabric, the first permissioned blockchain platform released. This offers unique opportunities for researchers to derive research problems from the real world and see their research results applied in real systems. Cooperation with other academic and industry researchers within IBM as well as acquisition of external research funding, e.g., European grants (including the ERC) is also possible and encouraged. The positions offer the opportunity to live in the Zurich area, which is consistently ranked as one of the top five cities with the best quality of life.


Candidates for both types of openings are required to have a PhD in Computer Science, Mathematics, or a related area by the time of appointment and an outstanding research record, demonstrated in the form of publications at top cryptography or security conferences (Crypto, Eurocrypt, CCS, S&P etc.).


IBM is committed to diversity at the workplace. We offer a diverse, independent professional activity, with experienced colleagues in a friendly atmosphere on our campus. You will find a dynamic, multi-cultural environment, and flexible work conditions.


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In your application, please refer to and reference JobID 51912.

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