Photonics Researcher nueva

At ARC we research in fields like sensors, robotics or drones, cybersecurity, digital manufacturing, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, nanotechnology and blockchain....

ARQUIMEA Research Center (ARC) is a private R&D center which relies on a product-oriented strategy, market diversification and internationalization to achieve a sustainable growth with the calling of developing ideas and getting involved in projects with a high impact in society.

We have as much passions as technologies we develop. But there is only one that we enjoy more than the rest: passion for people. We are a team of specialists and researchers pursuing the highest exponent of technology and science.

  • Our search is to find new projects that stimulate our day-to-day.
  • Our challenge is to attract talent that shares our worldview.

At ARC we research in fields like sensors, robotics or drones, cybersecurity, digital manufacturing, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, nanotechnology and blockchain.

We like to surround ourselves with digital nomads to assemble solid teams, specialized in each of our technologies. We trust people as much as we trust progress if it is accompanied by skills and attitude. Furthermore, our center is located in Canary Islands (Tenerife), where is impossible to have a negative attitude. We have soft weather, ocean and so much technology.

We like to think of talent as a five-pointed star that brings light and value to the center and we want bold, creative, proactive, efficient and humble people in our team.

So, if you match these values, you can keep reading. We are hiring a Photonics Researcher.

IMPORTANT. Please, only apply if you have a valid working visa for Spain, and you are willing to move to Tenerife (Canary Islands, SPAIN).

to be performed:

  • Work in a multidisciplinary team in research and development activities
  • Critical analysis of solutions by using quantitative metrics.
  • Work in different research areas and different applications in the field of Photonics and Electronics, especially optoelectronic instrumentation and sensors.
  • Experimental and theoretical tasks

Required skills, experience and candidate profile:

  • Ph.D or Master in Photonics/Physics/Electronics with background in Photonics
  • > 2 years of experience working with photonic integrated circuits. Familiar with different technology platforms (SOI, SiN, PLC, InP and/or hybrid)
  • Hands-on experience in test and characterization activities in lab environments involving active and/or passive photonic integrated circuits
  • Physical component design using commercial software such as Lumerical, Synopsys and/or IPKISS
  • Modeling and simulation of photonic devices and systems (diode laser, photodiodes, electro-optic modulators, interferometry, dispersion effects, nonlinear optical phenomena)
  • Familiar with driving and read-out electronics for DC and RF/mm-wave
  • Knowledge of Python and Matlab environments.
  • Open minded and ready to be challenged with multi-disciplinary R&D projects.
  • The candidate must be eligible to work in the EU.
  • Proficient in English


  • Knowledge of optical instrumentation, all optical data processing, nanophotonic devices (sensors), single photon emitters and detectors, quantum photonics… is highly valuable.
  • Experience with electronic for high resolution acquisition and real-time signal processing technologies.
  • Experience with RF and microwave electronics and components.
  • Medical imaging
  • Research skills

Arquimea Research Center belongs to ARQUIMEA, a cross-sectoral international technology group that develops solutions and innovative products in highly demanding activity sectors. We are committed to supporting research and scientific development that improve people´s lives.

Arquimea bets on companies and projects that provide value to society, contributing to boost high-impact solutions and products and to build our Vision.