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Job reference 7895/9562/209477 Company Name Sphaira Innovation Salary £25,000.00 - £30,000.00 Per Annum Location London, United Kingdom Country United Kingdom Industry sector Operations

Job reference


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Sphaira Innovation


£25,000.00 – £30,000.00 Per Annum


London, United Kingdom


United Kingdom

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Permanent | Full Time

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About Sphaira and its Mission

Sphaira Innovation AG is a non-profit entity founded in Switzerland in 2021. Sphaira was established in the belief that harnessing people power and innovative technologies could be the key to helping the world resolve some of its most urgent challenges.

PlanetPlay is the vehicle Sphaira has created to do this.

Digital technology powers the creation and congregation of communities around the world. And across the planet there is no larger community than that of global gamers. From mobile casual, puzzle, to multi-player and beyond, the community represents more than 2.9 billion people.

PlanetPlay is developing unique technology to galvanise the game industry and its player community to drive planetary scale climate-positive impact.

The Role

Reporting to the Chief Operations Officer (COO) this new position involves work in all aspects of PlanetPlay’s mission and development. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Business development – build relationships with game studios (all platforms) around the world to secure their involvement in PlanetPlay’s initiative.

  • Research, outreach and advocacy: working in and around the global game industry to help target and develop relationships with Studio partners prior to, and during, their involvement with PlanetPlay

  • Partnership creation: working with artists, creators and brands to develop bespoke creative collaborations to meet PlanetPlay’s climate impact goals

  • Community development: assisting the development of PlanetPlay’s user community through social outreach and promotion

  • Supplier/Partner relations: helping the maintenance of positive working relationships with PlanetPlay and its suppliers such our US-based designers and London marketing and public relations firms

  • Administration: meeting and back-office responsibilities including scheduling and database management

  • Presentation and creative ideation: working with the COO to ensure all PlanetPlay’s corporate and marketing communications materials are the best they can be

Who Would Flourish Here?

PlanetPlay is bringing together gaming and blockchain technology to support climate positive action. It is highly ambitious in its goals and a climate positive drive is embedded in the company culture. This role requires a creative, confident and highly motivated individual who enjoys learning about new concepts and is unafraid of the unexpected.

A gaming enthusiast with insatiable curiosity for emerging technologies, this person will also be a good writer and have digital fluency aligned with creative presentation abilities. You should be as comfortable working individually as being part of a team.

Sphaira Innovation is a young company, with a flat structure and is aiming to maintain an agile profile while minimising its own operating carbon footprint. The right person for this job will be adaptable as the company grows and changes, happy to work remotely (from home or wherever you choose) but also able to work with the COO from a Sphaira Innovation working space in London, when required.

No prior knowledge required of blockchain, the online gaming industry or climate change issues however it will be an asset if an understanding of those areas can be demonstrated.

Send your CV and a covering letter to w.paice@sphaira-i.com

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