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Aplati is a proprietary high frequency trading firm. With our proprietary HFT platform we use different strategies to optimize and stabilize worldwide cryptocurrency exchanges. By offering liquidity a

Aplati is a proprietary high frequency trading firm. With our proprietary HFT platform we use different strategies to optimize and stabilize worldwide cryptocurrency exchanges. By offering liquidity and stabilizing factors between ask and bid prices on spot markets, we effectively, ‘make these markets’. This results in a stable and fair pricing for everyone in the markets that Aplati operates in.

In the fast paced, volatile and maturing crypto industry, we are a stabilizer and a strong force to trust upon. As a market maker and HFT firm, we aim to grow and mature the young and opportunity-rich environment that the world of crypto is. No matter the market conditions, we are constantly offering liquidity in order to ensure that exchanges work properly and spreads are tightened as well as possible. In doing so, we are building towards an efficient market, such as we know in the common day stock- and bond markets.

About the job

As a trading operations engineer you are one of the key players of our organization. The trading operations engineer at Aplati is constantly monitoring, maintaining and improving the reliability, scalability and performance of the software. The main responsibility of the job is to ensure that the trading system is working. Besides that, the trading operations engineer must always be aware of possible incidents. When incidents happen, the trading operations engineer must act pragmatic in its problem solving, and keep our stakeholders up to date with the relevant information. Communication skills and an engineering mindset are needed to successfully go through these processes.

The main tasks of the job

  • Maintain our trading platform;
  • Be aware of possible problems and solve them as soon and simple as possible;
  • Effectively keep relevant stakeholders up to date about relevant day to day information;
  • Write code to improve the trading strategy;
  • Write code to optimize the processes of the trading strategy;
  • Monitor all relevant market information to optimize the trading strategy;
  • Optimize the infrastructure of the trading strategy by improving and creating automation tools.

What we are looking for

In order to let our organization grow we are looking for a specific profile of our trading operations engineer.

  • Direct & clear communicative skills;
  • Pragmatic & logical thinker;
  • Hands-on approach with solving problems and finding new improvements;
  • Confident about defending strategies and not afraid to come up with new ideas;
  • Affinity with the crypto market;
  • Curious about new technical hardware and software to improve the trading software;
  • Clear in explaining new ideas via written and verbal communication;
  • Strong analytical and problem solving mindset;
  • Available to work with different time blocks (nights / early morning).

Educational requirements

  • Beta background in hbo/university
  • Econometrics

Technical skills

  • A minimum of 2-5 years working experience
  • Basic coding skills with Typescript
  • Affinity with Unix/ Linux systems
  • Able to monitor trading systems
  • Risk management: having a deep understanding of the market to avoid risks.

What we offer

  • 32 – 40 hours work week
  • The opportunity to work in a new and upcoming market;
  • The change to work with a new trading system;
  • The opportunity to be involved in the process of finding new business models;
  • 25 PTO days;
  • Newly opened office located at Schiphol-Rijk;
  • Yearly bonus;
  • Everyday lunch at the office;
  • Pension plan;
  • Commuting allowance;
  • competitive salary.

Our recruitment process

  • Upload your resume
  • First get-to-know-each other interview with HR and the founders of the company
  • Making an assessment (if necessary)
  • Second in-depth interview with the founders of the company
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Offer by Aplati
  • Welcome to the team : )

After reading the vacancy, we hope you are just as excited as us! Are you ready to work in one of the most upcoming markets and are you available on short notice? Please send an email to:

We hope to see you soon!

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