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Introduction to the Company My client provides a service for the top end of the NFT market. This includes a white-labelled marketplace, and a number of associated products covering the entire

Introduction to the Company

My client provides a service for the top end of the NFT market. This includes a

white-labelled marketplace, and a number of associated products covering the entire

lifecycle of the digital assets. My client is working on a new offering which would allow any

corporation to gain exposure through selling NFTs with a gamified user experience that

removes any blockchain complexity.


We are hiring an experienced Node.Js developer to be part of a dynamic team designing

and developing a new offering, and enhancing various existing products.

We have ambitious plans, first-class partnerships, and are determined to succeed. We are

looking to significantly expand our agile global team with exceptional engineers.

Your Responsibilities

  • Take a holistic view of the web application codebase, ensuring secure, efficient and

error-free operation of the FE-BE-DB technology stack.

  • Contribute clear and maintainable high-quality code and documentation thereof,

taking responsibility for the implementation of features end-to-end.

  • Design and develop new functionality using appropriate components, libraries and

techniques finding optimal balance between speed, quality and cost.

  • Ensure consistent application of development best practices throughout the

codebase and across teams.

  • Provide guidance and feedback to junior engineers and contractors ‘by example’

through personal professional excellence as well as via mentorship, design and

code reviews.

  • Accurately estimate, prioritise, plan and manage own activities to deliver the most

value to the company through creation of valuable artefacts.

Candidate Specification – Technical Skills

Core Requirements

  • Prior hands-on experience with designing, developing and running in production

high-traffic e-commerce web applications on AWS infrastructure.

  • Strong experience with NodeJS
  • Experience using TDD Methodology and frameworks such as Jest, React Testing


  • Experience of integration with Auth0 and/or other OAuth2 providers.

Job Description & Candidate Specification

  • Experience of integrating with online payment services such as Stripe, Square,

Paypal, or others.

  • Expert knowledge of web application back-end frameworks such as

Node.JS libraries and React State management, their comparative


  • Ability to work with both SQL and NOSQL databases such as MongoDB or


  • Strong understanding and experience with different web application architectural

paradigms, knowledge of building systems for performance, security and scaling.

  • Experience with and knowledge of relevant AWS services and how to utilise them

in web applications such as EKS, EC2, S3, CloudFront, DocumentDB and others.

  • Experience with system monitoring to manage stability of software in production.
  • Experience with automated deployment using Terraform or Cloudformation is a


  • Knowledge of or interest in blockchain technology.

Soft Skills

  • Willingness and ability to collaborate with others (internally and externally) in a

fast-paced, high-ambiguity startup environment.

  • Autonomy, strong problem solving skills and desire to explore new technologies

and comprehend difficult concepts and code independently.

  • Ability to quickly grasp complex problems, propose solutions and take ownership of

the development thereof to production quality.

  • Strong communication skills, both verbally and in writing.

Stand-out Qualities

  • Prior experience in development web applications integrated with or built on top of

blockchains (ideally Polkadot or Ethereum).

  • Understanding of blockchain ecosystem and development, such as wallets, gas

fees, transactions, NFTs, and the core concepts such as consensus,

decentralisation, and tokenomics protocols.

  • Experience in building trading platforms, web stores, or large-scale social media


  • Experience with highly scalable systems.

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