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News Editor – Europe

The ideal candidate is based in a major European city such as London, Berlin or Brussels – and has at least five years of journalism experience and familiarity…...

CoinDesk is an integrated media platform for the next generation of investing, exploring how cryptocurrencies and digital assets are contributing to the evolution of the global financial system and the future of money. Our vision is to inform, educate and connect communities through news, data, events and research.

CoinDesk is a quickly growing company with incredible ambition. Our global presence has grown exponentially through top quality journalism and events, creating a community for millions of users. We’d love for you to join us if you’re willing to take on new challenges and immerse yourself in a world of creative, forward-thinking individuals.


As a news editor, you will be a player/coach as well as the news equivalent of air traffic control for CoinDesk in the region.

Your mission: to ensure CoinDesk readers are fully up to date whenever and wherever something happens in the cryptocurrency industry, and that all content is accurate, punctual and written in CoinDesk style.

You could be dealing with a market story one minute, a scoop the next, and spotting a key fact in a central bank statement the minute after that, all while shepherding a long-form feature on the side. A news hound, traffic cop, manager, mentor, writer and editor all combined in one person who plays well with others, communicates clearly, and hates to lose.


  • Assign and frequently write breaking news and embargoed articles.
  • Scan regulatory and court filings, calendars, the market, on-chain data, news outlets, blogs, websites, social media, online forums and other information sources for story leads, assigning or writing as appropriate.
  • Pay attention to global macroeconomic trends in the regions as well as crypto-adjacent areas to be able to anticipate effects on the cryptocurrency sector.
  • Learn to edit/write concise, sophisticated breaking news pieces with a voice. The pieces will not only explain what happened but tell the reader why it matters and how it fits in with the overall picture.
  • When appropriate be able to assign and edit stories in narrative form.
  • Edit and occasion co-write market updates, working hand-in-glove with market teams in other regions.
  • Spot, assign and upon occasion write about market moves.
  • Liaise with the beat desks to ensure comprehensive news coverage.
  • Focus on finding actionable trends to make our content as valuable to readers as possible.
  • Supervise a small team of reporters across various European time zones who likely won’t be in the same location as you. Mentor, develop and take care of them.
  • Maintain a calendar of upcoming events. Analyze coverage misses to ensure they don’t happen again.
  • Keep track of current relevant happenings and arrange for consistent coverage of them.
  • Assist CoinDesk in building local relationships in coordination with the Global Macro & Policy editor. Work with freelancers as necessary to build regional coverage and develop company presence within region.
  • Assign coverage for and occasionally attend relevant events, meetups and conferences.

About You:

The ideal candidate is based in a major European city such as London, Berlin or Brussels – and has at least five years of journalism experience and familiarity with cryptocurrency and related technologies. Experience covering crypto or equities markets is strongly preferred. Superior candidates may be considered for remote locations. You are a self-starter with an insatiable intellectual curiosity, a nose for news, and a can-do/collaborative attitude who can both edit and write clear, concise copy on tight deadlines. You plan well for the things that can be anticipated and react quickly to the things that can’t.