LiveOps Project Coordinator

Permanent contract Paris (75) Position Duties What you'll be doing : Sort and maintain the Live Ops team tasklist Suggest and implement project management tools to

Permanent contract

Paris (75)

Position Duties

What you’ll be doing :

  • Sort and maintain the Live Ops team tasklist
  • Suggest and implement project management tools to improve Live Ops task coordination and lead the effort to put process in place to improve the team’s productivity
  • Provide a regular reports on the Live Ops production progress and milestones
  • Take notes during meeting and provide meeting recaps in emails
  • Setup and organize meetings for the LiveOps team
  • Sync up with Project Coordinators & Managers of other teams to schedule syncs and discussions when needed
  • Follow up task execution, request ETAs, request task reviews from Product Owners

Candidate Profile

What we are looking for :

  • Attention to details and great organizational skills
  • Strong experience with project management tools (Monday, Jira, Notion…) ideally you already have your favorite one and are ready to explain why it’s the best and to shift the Live Ops tasklist to that tool, then lead its incorporation in the workflow of your team
  • Good communication skills
  • Good assertivity. Someone who is not afraid to be a little insistent if needed (sometimes getting ETAs or visibility on task completion can require to ask more than twice, especially when working with remote teams)
  • Experience working with remote teams is a plus
  • Good capacity for synthetisation and reporting. Provide regular reports, updates and taking meeting notes in clear impactful bullet points
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Ability to work effectively across various teams and interact with a large variety of profiles (developers, players’ community, artists, game designer, … )
  • Knowledge of Blockchain and Web3 technology is a big plus but not required
  • An interest and knowledge in gaming and game mechanics, and the ability to understand the LiveOps mechanic designed by the LiveOps Product Owner
  • Fluent in oral French
  • Fluent in oral and written English

Additional Information

The position is based in Paris (75003)


CV and Cover Letter must be provided in English

To: Anne-Sophie Buiret

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