IT Engineering Manager, EMEA

The IT Team at Chainalysis cares deeply about the experience we provide, from day one, we act with people's best interest at heart: we enable our employees' to focus on what matters most to them eithe

The IT Team at Chainalysis cares deeply about the experience we provide, from day one, we act with people’s best interest at heart: we enable our employees’ to focus on what matters most to them either automating daily needs or enabling them to self-serve, we provide them with the best tools to do their best work in autonomy and we wrap this all in a world class support experience.

As IT Engineering Manager you will be looking after our team of IT Engineers, leading and developing talented and creative engineers who integrate and build products and systems they are proud of. You will push for exceptionally high quality work and empower our engineers to make a big impact. You will be passionate about the growth and development of your team.

You will have a high level view of the current status of systems and a deep understanding of how they connect with each other under the hood. You are comfortable in looking at data to develop, plan and execute large scale (company-wide) projects to automate, streamline and generally improve how our employees interact with our systems; optimising for growth and scale.

You will be planning for the future and ensuring we have the infrastructure required to support our explosive growth. In this role you will also be responsible for day to day management and improvements of the tools that our teams use to communicate and stay productive, including Google Workspace, Slack and a number of other modern collaboration tools.

In one year you’ll know you were successful if…

  • You’ve planned for our future expansion and built for growth and scale
  • You’ve hired and helped develop great people while supporting and maintaining a supportive and engaging team
  • You set a high bar for technical design and implementations and delivered against it to ensure your systems are operationally excellent
  • You developed relationships with and worked alongside internal and external stakeholders to identify, prioritize and deliver impactful strategic objectives
  • You’ve led and participated in IT projects focused on delivering technical and process solutions and improvements
  • You’ve been an escalation point for our collaboration and productivity tooling
  • Ensured security and privacy of our systems and applications
  • Improved the hiring and recruitment process
  • Improved operational efficiencies and metrics while providing great customer satisfaction

A background like this helps, but isn’t entirely required:

  • Passionate about building motivated, high performing teams
  • You car deeply about outstanding user experience
  • Experienced with partnering with various stakeholders to deliver successful solutions
  • Engaging team player and you enjoy working towards a common goal
  • Effective Communicator able to convey technical topics to technical and non-technical audiences


At Chainalysis, we help government agencies, cryptocurrency businesses, and financial institutions track and investigate illicit activity on the blockchain, allowing them to engage confidently with cryptocurrency. We take care of our people with great benefits, professional development opportunities, and fun.

You belong here.

At Chainalysis, we believe that diversity of experience and thought makes us stronger. With both customers and employees around the world, we are committed to ensuring our team reflects the unique communities around us. Some of the ways we’re ensuring we keep learning are an internal Diversity Committee, Days of Reflection throughout the year including International Women’s Day, Juneteenth, Harvey Milk Day, and International Migrant’s Day, and a commitment to continue revisiting and reevaluating our diversity culture.

We encourage applicants across any race, ethnicity, gender/gender expression, age, spirituality, ability, experience and more. Additionally, if you need any accommodations to make our interview process more accessible to you due to a disability, don’t hesitate to let us know. You can learn more here. We can’t wait to meet you.

Applying from the EU? Please review our Candidate GDPR Notice.

By submitting this application, I consent to and authorize Chainalysis to contact my former employers, and any and all other persons and organizations for information bearing upon my qualifications for employment. I further authorize the listed employers, schools and personal references to give Chainalysis (without further notice to me) any and all information about my previous employment and education, along with other pertinent information they may have, and hereby waive any actions which I may have against either party(ies) for providing a reference. I understand any future employment will be contingent on the Company receiving satisfactory employment references.

Chainalysis COVID-19 Policy – USA

  • Employees are not required to attend in-person meetings at this time. All in-person, Chainalysis attendees must be vaccinated* prior to the in-person event/meeting
  • You must follow cleaning protocols. This includes washing your hands before and after meetings or using a disinfectant or alcohol solution with at least 70% alcohol
  • If a worker or visitor was in close or proximate contact with others at the office location and tests positive for COVID-19, they must immediately notify the People team
    • A USA employee is considered fully vaccinated if they meet any of the following criteria:
    • It has been 2 weeks since their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or

    • It has been 2 weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine, or

    • A person has recovered from a COVID-19 infection and was treated with monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma and are within 90 days of the treatment. Please note that once 90 days has passed after the monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma treatment, an employee will not be permitted to meet in-person or go to a customer meeting until they meet the above criteria of being fully vaccinated

Chainalysis COVID-19 Policy – EMEA
As an employer, Chainalysis is obliged to ensure a healthy and safe working environment. This means that we must try to prevent the coronavirus from spreading inside the workplace and all employees are obliged to follow the local regulations issued by the relevant health authorities.

  • To help support a safe work environment, we encourage all employees in EMEA to get fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • Employees will not be required to attend an event or in-person customer meeting.
  • Employees in the EU and the UK are allowed to travel internationally for internal meetings to any country deemed “green or amber” by the EU and the UK authorities. All attendees for Chainalysis in-person events or meetings will be required to adhere to the following guidelines:
    • International travel will only be permitted if you receive approval from both your manager and Executive Leader
    • You must familiarize yourself and comply with any screening/safety protocols imposed by the entity/individual hosting the in-person meeting or event
    • You must comply with any and all safety guidelines and travel restrictions established by applicable law
    • If you are in close or proximate contact with others at the event/customer site and test positive for COVID-19, you must immediately notify the People Team and avoid contact with others for 10 days

Chainalysis COVID-19 Policy – APAC
With circumstances changing on a regular basis and parts of our APAC team going in and out of mandatory lockdown, APAC will continue to follow country legislation and guidelines.