Infrastructure Engineer

Infrastructure Engineer Competitive Salary Remote CET - ET (London) About You You like open source and a world of openness in general. You're excited to change the open finance world thr

Infrastructure Engineer

Competitive Salary

Remote CET – ET (London)

About You

  • You like open source and a world of openness in general.
  • You’re excited to change the open finance world through cryptocurrency and decentralization.
  • You want to make a difference and get rewarded by working hard.
  • You are a hacker when it comes to getting things done quickly.
  • You are a craftsman when it comes to producing maintainable code for yourself and others.
  • You are a finisher when it comes to keeping track of items and having clear priority in mind.
  • You are a clear, concise, and fun communicator.
  • You like supporting other people in achieving success.
  • You are agile in switching across frameworks and repositories.

About Us
We’re a rising tech startup working on a radically new type of payment technology able to improve global commerce!
Our client is an asset streaming protocol that enables you to transfer assets every second, instead of using recurring monthly transactions. By accelerating money, we empower people worldwide to do more with less capital, increasing people’s independence and overall happiness.
Our company headquarter is in London (UK), may of us work from an office in Tallinn (Estonia), and we also have many remote members. You are welcome to work remotely or join us there.


  • maintaining and updating Superfluid’s web3 infrastructure, made of: a combination of hosted and self-hosted web3 nodes and subgraph nodes;

fine-tuning load balancing system using HAProxy;
fronted with AWS API gateway;

  • maintaining and updating web2 infrastructure, including: Day-to-day AWS configurations: accounts/IAM/network/dev machines/etc.;

AWS ECR/ECS based container orchestration system;
AWS Cloudfront/S3 static site hosting;
Netlify/Vercel configurations;
Domain configurations: AWS route53, godaddy, etc;

  • troubleshooting and resolving infrastructure-related issues;
  • improving our security posture;
  • developing tools for engineers;
  • implementing and managing CI/CD pipelines (we use github workflows);
  • implementing support for telemetry & monitoring;
  • consulting other teams on infrastructure-related topics;
  • working with third-party vendors and service providers.
  • crafting plans and executing them for company’s long term infrastructure goals: implementing vendor independent (moving away from AWS) infrastructure;

applying Nix for org-wide reproducible development environment consistent for both developers and CI/CD pipelines.

You will report to the product team’s Engineering Manager and work closely with the our Tech Leads. Our work is driven by Objectives and Key Results, defined quarterly in company-wide collaboration. All projects within the team’s space are planned, led, and executed by engineers.


  • 2+ years of experience as a Infrastructure related software engineer.
  • Experience in building and maintaining reliable and highly available systems.
  • Experience in working with cloud infrastructure and running containerized applications.
  • Experience in self-hosting web3 nodes.
  • Experience in AWS.
  • Experience in Github worfklows.
  • At home with Linux/Unix tools and ecosystem.
  • Infrastructure-as-Code enthusiast.
  • Experienced in coding that extends beyond scripting.
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English.
  • (Big plus) Familiar with Nix.
  • (Big plus) Familiar with Hashicorp stack.


  • Super motivated team, with cutting-edge Ethereum developers
  • Work on world-first, groundbreaking financial technology
  • 28 days paid holidays (including public holidays)
  • Early employees enjoy extra stock options
  • An opportunity to make a REAL difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people globally
  • Flexible working schedule
  • Casual and friendly work environment

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: £39,676.00-£43,131.00 per year


  • Monday to Friday

Work Location: Remote

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