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Healthcare Innovation Strategy Manager – Vaccines & ImmunoTherapies

At AstraZeneca, we’re not afraid to do things differently. We’re building a new kind of organization to reset expectations of what a bio-pharmaceutical company can be. This means we’re opening new way

At AstraZeneca, we’re not afraid to do things differently. We’re building a new kind of organization to reset expectations of what a bio-pharmaceutical company can be. This means we’re opening new ways to work, pioneering groundbreaking methods and bringing unexpected teams.together.

We pride ourselves on making sure that each decision we make, puts patient needs first! This mentality means that our people have permission to take the more unusual path. If they can think of a better, smarter way in which we can change lives through science, we want to hear it.


In a moment of continuous transformation of the Health Industry, Innovative Solutions are key to foster a new way of adding value to the Healthcare System, and therefore impacting patients’ lives.

The Healthcare Solutions unit aims to design projects/initiatives to address the unmet needs of the Healthcare System and mitigate the pain points of the patient journey, the diagnosis of pathologies, accelerating the derivation from GP to specialists and ensuring adherence to treatments.

This role leads the landing of AZ Spain Innovative Solutions strategy and priorities in the V&I TA under scope, being an active part of the Brand Team, having a deep understanding of the pathologies and patient journeys related, and being able to design Innovative Solutions that address pain points of the patient journeys, elaborating a Business Case per Solution and accompanying and assessing the Brand Plan in the prioritization process.


Business Unit Partner:

  • Is an active part of the Brand Teams of the V&I TA under scope.
  • Has a comprehensive understanding of the patient journey of the pathologies under scope and identifies commonalities across pathologies.
  • Provides TA teams with continuous assessment and support to build next generation health innovative solutions, integrating patient, health professional and business needs on every step of the process:
    • Assesses and prioritizes patient journey pain points/challenges, alongside with the rest of the Brand Team.
    • Identifies and follows all Innovative Solutions being performed in the brands under his scope (led by medical, access, marketing, innovative solutions.
    • Brings knowledge and expertise in building value-based projects: covering healthcare ecosystem needs from the design and ensuring impact on health and across value chain.
    • Ensures that health information systems are properly embedded on health innovative solutions.
  • Serves as SPOC for the Business Unit with innovation partners and start-ups during the ideation and design process of Innovative Solutions.

Innovative solutions design of the V&I TA under scope:

  • Coordinates with field and office roles to receive and process insights that would support ideating and designing new Innovative Solutions
  • Ideates and designs Innovative Solutions that address prioritized pain points in the pathologies’ patient journey:
    • Leads the design of Innovative Solutions within the HC Innovative Solutions team.
    • Coordinate with other Innovative Solutions Business Partners to ensure that cross-pathologies synergies among the TA are identified and considered in the design process of Innovative Solutions.
    • Elaborates Business Cases that show the return planned for the designed Innovative Solutions
  • Coordinates the Brand Team on the prioritization process of Innovative Solutions:
    • Assesses and supports the Brand Team on the prioritization process of initiatives.
    • Ensures that prioritized Innovative Solutions are considered in the Tactical Plans and have budget allocated for their successful implementation.
    • Holds regular meetings with the Access and Medical areas to confirm strategic alignment and ensure prioritization of relevant lines of work.
  • Participates in the launch readiness team meetings to identify needs and work on the design and ideation of solutions prior to the launch of the drug.

Innovation Strategy:

  • Acts as a liaison with AstraZeneca’s global network of innovation hubs (A.Catalyst Network).
  • Lands AZ Spain Innovative Solutions strategy and priorities into the TA under scope.
  • Performs continuous scouting of Innovation trends on the TA under scope in coordination with other Innovative Solutions Business Partners.
    • Attends to the Scientific Summits related to the TA, representing AZ innovation values and strategy.
  • Stablishes and monitors KPIs of health innovative solutions to ensure impact and seamless execution.

Essential requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field.
  • More than 5 years of relevant work experience with proven impact.
  • Excellent collaboration capacity with internal and external ecosystems.
  • Proven experience with Healthcare Transformation initiatives in the public sector or the industry.
  • Understanding of Digital Technologies: IoT, Big Data, AI, Blockchain, etc.
  • Team working excellent capabilities and skills.
  • Project management skills.

Desirable requirements:

  • Postgraduate studies (MBA, Master Innovation/Transformation, Master Public Health, Master Health information systems, Master Design Thinking or other related fields).
  • High level of spoken and written English (level B2).
  • Experience in designing or implementing Innovative Solutions for the HC system.
  • Deep knowledge of the health ecosystem innovation drivers.
  • Experience in the implementation of healthcare information system-based platforms and projects.
  • Updated with the latest trends and best practices in business innovation.
  • Familiar with innovation methodologies: Agile, Service Design, UI/UX practices

Los requisitos para que los candidatos puedan optar a una convocatoria interna son: llevar 1 año en su posición actual, mantener informado a su responsable directo de su participación en el proceso, no tener establecido un Plan Mejora vigente.

AstraZeneca es una empresa que promueve la igualdad de oportunidades. AstraZeneca tendrá en cuenta a todas las personas que reúnan el perfil para el puesto sin discriminación por motivos de discapacidad, sexo u orientación sexual, embarazo o periodo de maternidad/paternidad, raza u origen (nacional o étnico), edad, religión o creencias, identidad de género, estado civil o pareja de hecho y/o cualquier otra característica protegida por ley. AstraZeneca sólo emplea personas con permiso de trabajo en el país o países donde se anuncia la posición.

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