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Company Introduction: CoinClan is the largest cryptocurrency P2P merchant, we buy and sell cryptocurrencies on major P2P platforms such as Binance P2P, with plans to build our own cryptocurrency e

Company Introduction:

CoinClan is the largest cryptocurrency P2P merchant, we buy and sell cryptocurrencies on major P2P platforms such as Binance P2P, with plans to build our own cryptocurrency exchange platform. We are currently serving customers in multiple jurisdictions, such as the EU, UK, Australia, Canada & Thailand.

CoinClan’s vision is to have crypto easily accessible for everyone, everywhere in the world.

Our company’s mission is to create a platform that allows people to convert into and out of cryptocurrencies easily, and become known for the following advantages compared to others:

  • Known for the fastest transaction times.
  • Known for being able to provide the largest volumes of crypto.
  • Known for having the best prices.
  • Known for providing a secure and professional service.
  • Known for providing the best user experience.

This is an opportunity to lead an executive function and to be one of the earliest employees in a fast-growing organization that strives for exponential growth and innovation.


Reporting to the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, you will undertake the role of a financial leader and manage accounting & finance functions of the entire organisation end-to-end, including the accounting of the parent offshore holding company and all of its subsidiaries & sister companies in Canada, UK, Singapore, Australia, Estonia, Poland, Lithuania(and more to come) within the group. You will be responsible for all of the accounting, bookkeeping, budgeting, forecasting and seeking investors for all of the entities in the group, to make sure the already profitable group company has even more funds to grow rapidly and achieve its mission.

You will support the group in catching up on its past accounting which is not done properly in the past 3 years of operation due to the lack of crypto knowledge for most of the external accountants we have engaged previously, as they seemed to only asked for our bank statements and completely left out all of our cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins(which makes the majority of our assets), so you will help fix all of that and provide an accurate annual financial report & balance sheet for the entire group. You will also help design and implement internal controls, accounting and finance policies and procedures, help us raise funds from investors as needed, as well as overseeing and advising on capital management and financial planning.

Coinclan’s finances is more or less a blank slate. You will work with us to essentially establish our entire finance department from scratch. You will:

  • Select and implement the most appropriate accounting software for the firm
  • Implement accounting processes for all companies within the group
  • Streamline accounts payable processes and embed an expense management system
  • Establish a trade reconciliation process so we can effectively monitor any accidental coin settlements and detect any fraud or theft.
  • Manage quarterly consolidated accounts.
  • Monitor cash flow and build financial planning and analysis processes from scratch e.g. budgeting and cash flow forecasts
  • Establish business financial OKRs & KPIs and deliver them
  • Ensure effective internal controls are in place and compliance with applicable laws and regulatory legislation for financial and tax reporting yet minimizing taxes.
  • Oversee all treasury & capital management functions for both fiat and digital assets to ensure we have enough stock in crypto to sell on the platforms we trade on
  • Ensure adequate capital is available, and properly allocated across the organization to ensure maximum ROI
  • Find us the necessary capital from investors needed to build our new products, including establishing investment strategies(such as launching our own token)
  • Provide strategic recommendations to the executive leadership team on both short and long-term strategic financial objectives
  • Manage the processes for financial forecasting and budgeting, business profitability across different sectors(exchange, staking, futures, etc), and oversee the preparation of all financial reporting for internal and external stakeholders
  • Advise on long-term business and financial planning
  • Identify and address financial risks and opportunities for the business
  • Establish and develop relationships with senior management and external partners and stakeholders
  • Help manage and oversee our crypto & fiat payrolls
  • As this is a senior position, you may hire others to do any of the above tasks


  • Qualified accountant with 1 year of crypto experience OR 2+ years of experience in B2C Fintech, blockchain, or other global technology companies(such as Google, Facebook, Airbnb, etc), large or small.
  • You MUST have a clear understanding of cryptocurrencies & how to account for them(to be honest, it is a new field & asset, so sometimes you can be creative in how you account for it, but to do that you must have a full understanding of the fundamentals).
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent skills & experience.
  • Strong knowledge in end-to-end accounting & making annual financial reports, capital raising, payrolls, financial projections, financial modeling, and capital management.
  • Ability to work well in a very unstructured and fast-paced environment
  • Experience in evaluating, selecting, and implementing accounting software
  • Strong analytical skills and expertise in financial systems and reporting
  • Leadership skills and commercial acumen to assess commercial opportunities based on a broad understanding of markets and business issues and focus on those with the greatest potential are highly preferred.
  • Ability to engage constructively with senior management and to challenge difficult issues
  • Excellent written and verbal communication & English skills
  • Creative: able to think outside the box and deliver innovative and original solutions, especially in the field of tax minimization so we can make legitimate income yet pay almost nothing in taxes.
  • Able to commit & deliver to the highest standards: Exceeding expectations is not enough. This person needs to know how to supersede even the highest of standards.
  • Ability to be Independent & self-motivated with an attitude to contribute much more to the company outside of the defined job scope.

Why work with us?

  • Be a part of a company building the future of the digital economy enabled by blockchain technology
  • Competitive salary paid in any currency or cryptocurrency of your choosing (including our tokens/equity so you can capitalize on the exponential growth of our startup with the possibility to achieve financial freedom).
  • Fast-paced, challenging, faced with different issues every day – Life never gets boring in a start-up environment.
  • Work with an international company & team.
  • Great career development opportunities in a fast-growing company.
  • Work remotely anywhere in the world with flexible working hours & casual work attire.

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