Graphic & Motion Designer Intern

Wanted Graphic & Motion Designer intern Wecan Group has developed a privacy-enforcing suite of Your profile products from a blockchain infrastructure to messaging systems and a confident

Graphic & Motion Designer intern

Wecan Group has developed a privacy-enforcing suite of Your profile
products from a blockchain infrastructure to messaging
systems and a confidential social network. Our You have an interest in new technologies and
products are currently used by more than 100 financial demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit.
institutions. We have launched our Wecan Token to
strengthen our international development and create a What you will need
B to B to C community.

  • Excellent knowledge of After Effects, Illustrator,

In order to support our needs, we are looking for a Photoshop, & Premiere Pro is required

Graphic & Motion Designer intern who will join us for 6 • A body of work that showcases motion and design

months to create and produce visual contents for all our skills

communications. • Knowledge in motion design required

  • Video shooting and editing skills is desirable
  • Illustrations skills is an advantage
Missions • Fluent in French

  • English an asset

You will work directly with our Marketing &

Communication manager and our Lead Designer to
Cultural Fit

transform our needs into visual content to highlight our

ecosystem of products. • Flexibility and motivation

  • Strong team spirit, transparent communication

You will gain experiences by • Passionate about new technologies

  • Having the possibility to put a vision to life Personal Requirements

• Supporting in the preparation and execution of

in-house video productions • Ability to work for and in a team

• Developing and executing multimedia contents across • Autonomous worker

different channels: social media, presentations, • Able to work independently

support documents for B2B marketing and sales.

  • Collaborating with our Lead Designer to elevate range

of visual design

  • Contributing to design discussions and share industry


Graphic & Motion Designer intern

About Wecan

Wecan is a Swiss based company created in 2015. We co-create, run and scale joint ventures to transform so-
cio-economic paradigms through pioneering blockchain solutions. We address our partner’s needs in different
industries through our blockchain competencies and a co-creation process.

Our vision

At Wecan, we believe that successful digital technologies are built around people and they are shaped by people’s
needs. After an era of exponential digitalization growth, the rise of mobile phones dramatically increased the
usage of online service… We believe that the next ten years will increasingly focus on trust, privacy and security.
We believe that blockchain and zero knowledge proof are a much-needed change of the way digital services have
been built up to now. And we firmly believe that it is urgent to start putting those features at the heart of business
models right now.

Why join Wecan?

From your first day, you will actively contribute to the blockchain innovative project used by companies with natio-
nal and global reach. You will be working on projects to reshape businesses, invent new products, and transform
some paradigms using the latest technologies.

Could we spark your interest?
We look forward to receiving your application!

Please send your CV to

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Contract: Availability: Location:
6 months internship As soon as possible Geneva, Switzerland

Graphic & Motion Designer intern

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