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Ever thought about moving into the blockchain + gaming industry? Good, keep reading. If you feel like there is no real quality in the games that are dominating that space currently? Good, keep reading

Ever thought about moving into the blockchain + gaming industry? Good, keep reading. If you feel like there is no real quality in the games that are dominating that space currently? Good, keep reading. Are you afraid you’ll lose your job if bitcoin crashes? Good, keep reading.

Because this opportunity is one I’m actually jealous of.

The Company and the Culture

Our client is currently building a blockchain ecosystem that is tailor made for studio’s to have simple go-to solution to build their blockchain games on. It also functions as a steam like environment for those games. They’ve also acquired a game studio to build games for this ecosystem and one of them is their flagship game: “My Neighbor Alice”. Which is like Animal Crossing on the blockchain and their goal is to make this the game that will teach the world about the world of Crypto.

There’s also couple of other games they are working on like a complete and full fledged RPG, just so you won’t get bored;)

In addition to this there’s the culture and coming from someone that has seen a lot company cultures. This one is good. Because it’s a Swedish company and their WLBMHWP values (Yes I made that up it stands for work/life balance, mental health and workpressure values) are through the roof.

Everybody respects each other, there’s no dictator in the teams that tells people what to do. TOGETHER is the key word within this company. Also very LGBTQ friendly but that goes without saying.

What it boils down to is that it’s a grown up private playground with the friendliest people and the parents all drive safe cars.

Sounds good right? Let us dive into what you’re going to do!

The Job

Obviously there’s a lot of work to do and working in this field is quite literally pioneering, succeed, fail, crawl out of the gutter and rise from the ashes like a phoenix by doing to following:

  • Maintain a roadmap with clear milestones and realistic production schedules in coordination with team leads and management.
  • Assimilate diverse information and assess the impact on each phase of production and on the project as a whole
  • Have a strategy to constitute a holistic team
  • Collaborate with producers to ensure consistency over the project
  • Keep building and developing a diverse team and drive commitment and motivation throughout the project
  • Budgeting, risk analysis, and resource planning
  • Provide progress updates and coordinate across departments

What does the job need from you?

A job of this magnitude and awesomeness is not for anybody with a mouth and two hands. No we need the big guns for this.

  • Vast experience in game production (at least 5 years) and has successfully shipped several bigger titles in a Producer role.
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Interest in blockchain
  • Extensive knowledge of how games are crafted and the game production cycle
  • Fluent in English and ready to work in an international environment and in a remote team
  • Great understanding of developers, players, and business needs

The Rewards

This is where there’s more fun!

You will get:

  • Something very cool to tell at parties.
  • A job at the forefront and one of the most experienced companies in Blockchain tech.
  • You’re also the coolest person in the room at parties when Bitcoin is in the green.
  • A place in the history books of videogame history.
  • A completely remote job (so you must like your home office, but of course you can visit collegues if you want.)
  • A seriously good salary, trust me. I’m not posting a range because it’s like the gold rush when crypto’s are involved. If you got the big guns, you get accordingly:)

Looking forward to hear from you:) contact:

PS: Of course when Bitcoin is green it’s all fun and games (pun intended) so if you are you wondering if we’re still going to be here if the crypto market crashes? Don’t. They’ll still be around. Their biggest challenge right now is hiring you;)

Are you interested? Then respond via the application form or send your resume to Calling is always faster, you can do that on +31 (0)6 82 09 94 93

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