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Description About IriusRisk We are a young software company that offers a cybersecurity product with a mission to make secure design a de facto practice for all software applications. Our a


About IriusRisk

We are a young software company that offers a cybersecurity product with a mission to make secure design a de facto practice for all software applications. Our automated threat modeling product makes the process of secure design fast, easy, and accessible to non-security experts.

Threat modeling as a practice is maturing, for example through the recent inclusion of “Insecure Design” in the OWASP Top 10, and Gartner puts the market at 2-5 years from mainstream. Building on this and following a successful Series A funding round in late 2020, IriusRisk has grown significantly over the past two years. And it continues to grow. With a remote-first and inclusive culture we are able to hire some of the best talent in Europe and the Americas. Our IriusRisk Technical Advisory Board is made up of key industry leaders and helps to inform the development of our platform, addressing the software security challenges that our customers face. Those customers include household names in the financial services and technology industries, and our customer base and verticals continue to expand – from cryptocurrency to medical devices and IoT.

About the role

We’re looking for a Security Researcher, Application Security Engineer, Security Architect or Threat Modeler who understands device security as well as design and build secure software and is technically minded to support our Centre of Excellence. Our Center or Excellence is primarily focused on Embedded, Medical, industrial and IoT device Security.

The main objectives of the role are to:

  • Research, create and update threat models for key architectures related to embedded, IoT and Medical devices in modern infrastructures, e.g. Hospitals, industrial plants, manufacturing facilities etc.
  • Become an expert in our threat modeling platform, which uses the Drools rules engine to control many of the automation features.
  • Write technical support articles and create videos describing features of our product and how to use those features in live environments
  • Provide some marketing support by creating blog posts on Threat Modeling and security at design time
  • Provide feedback to our engineering team on the product design and feature set

Key duties and responsibilities include:

  • Researching new technology areas to define threat modeling risk patterns that apply to them. Your research should be based on industry standards where possible such as OWASP, CIS, NIST, IEC etc.
  • Create small scripts and automations to help speed up your work and to assist the pre and post sales teams. For example, sometimes customers need a quick script to access our API and retrieve data.
  • Research the latest embedded device, IoT, Medical security controls for content creation
  • Build a knowledge base of Components and Rules for actual attack surfaces and scenarios
  • Create material (webinars, posters, presentations, articles) to be used for marketing and information purposes
  • Collaborate with the marketing team and the community manager to champion Device Security
  • Occasionally work with the Sales team on prospect calls and demos
  • Prepare and provide specific content for new libraries with a focus on IoT, Industrial Security and Medical devices.
  • Create extensive threat models from existing solutions and architecture
  • Collaborate with external organisations to provide security research – e.g. IEC/ISA, CSA, SANS, CIS.
  • Attend dedicated security conferences related to embedded devices

What are we offering?

  • 4 days working week!
  • 100% remote work!
  • Great team collaboration between departments.
  • An Agile development environment!
  • We have a “Do it well” DevOps culture and we don’t fear investing time to do things right the first time.
  • Training and certifications related to your role.


About the role

As a software product vendor we have different challenges delivering value to our customers in a timely and stable manner.

IriusRisk design and development is fully targeted to its users, to the extent that we have shaped the internal product development teams around the user personas we have identified. Supporting these product teams to quickly and effectively deliver value to these users is a key attribution of this role.

This structure allows us to focus on all the users of the platform and deliver constant value to all of them. Our teams master the agile principles and DevOps and QA functions are fully embedded in these product teams to support them. The QA and DevOps functions also challenge any technology or process we use or apply to provide velocity and stability to the value delivery.

We already have a frontend team as horizontal teams throw all Dev product teams. That means each product team has a frontend member and also are part of the horizontal Frontend team dedicated to unify and take decisions of architecture, development guidelines and programming good practices.

We want to create a strong frontend team, for that we need an experienced frontend Senior candidate who wants to be part of the product team strategy.

The objectives of the role are to:

  • Provide advice and knowledge for the Frontend horizontal.
  • Good team player ready to share the technical experience.
  • Worried about testing and the quality of the code.

Skills and experience


  • Strong Javascript Knowledge, ES6/7
  • Strong OOP knowledge
  • Knowledge of typescript
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3, especially CSS Grid and Flexbox, with SASS.
  • Responsive design, basic UX and accessibility knowledge.
  • React ( With hooks ).
  • Knowledge of git and github.
  • Testing with jest and testing library.

Positive valoration

  • LESS or other CSS preprocessor
  • BEM Methodology and Hexagonal Architecture
  • Redux with some of its middleware like Saga, Thunks or observable. Or mobX
  • Other frontend frameworks such Vue or Svelte.
  • Web performance.
  • Data visualization like D3.js

Location : Spain.

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