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Vision As the NFT market continues to grow to reach $300bn by 2030 (digital identity, gaming, tokenised real world assets, decentralized IP, etc.), there is a multi-billion dollar opportunity in bu


As the NFT market continues to grow to reach $300bn by 2030 (digital identity, gaming, tokenised real world assets, decentralized IP, etc.), there is a multi-billion dollar opportunity in building an options and derivatives market for NFTs – which does not exist yet. In comparison, in TradFi, option trading surpassed $6T this year (vs. $17T for equities trading). Options are a great financial tool for being exposed and speculate on an asset without owning it, and is the next growth area for NFTs.

Problem we solve
NFTs are a new asset class with a set of challenges when it comes to creating options – like the low liquidity, the pricing and the partial non fungibility. Some companies are trying to build derivatives on floor prices but this approach means relying on an oracle which means price manipulation is possible. There is a booming NFT financialization landscape, and we aim at taking the lead on options, with an approach radically different to other companies in the landscape – by using a physical delivery of the NFT at the option closing, instead of relying on floor prices. Typically our platform would allow:

  • retail investors like NFT traders to hedge their holdings during market downturn, and make profits on collections going down
  • institutional investors (market makers, hedge funds) to implement NFT market neutral strategies and finally unlock institution defi money flow to the NFT market

Our product

Our first product is a peer-to-peer marketplace allowing NFT traders (400k active users / month) to bet on the rise and fall of NFT collections floor prices, with no oracle needed. Bears will be able to short collections (for the first time without manipulation possible) while Bulls will be able to buy discounted NFTs. The product is designed for simplicity and fun, and is based on the feedback of 10s of NFT traders, that are impatiently waiting for the product release.

We start by targeting the active and engaged community of NFT power traders, who are currently looking for new solutions to make profits during the bear market – the old recipe (flipping, holding) not working anymore. We have a compelling value proposition for them, allowing seamless shorting and hedging. As we attract more users, we’ll iterate on our product to enable more parameters, launch new features and a dedicated desk for professional investors (defi institutions, NFT funds, market markers, etc.).

We are closing our pre-seed round with tier-1 cryptonative funds and top influential NFT and DeFi traders.

We are closing our pre-seed round with tier-1 cryptonative funds and angels, have an alpha available on the testnet, and the usable beta version will be ready to onboard the first selected traders by Q4 2022.

The team

  • Ness Benamran, an experienced finance and consumer tech leader. He created financial structured products on equity, similar to our core product, while at ABN Amro. And was formerly COO US for Shadow, a cloud gaming platform ($120M raised, 200 employees)
  • Hugo Mercier, founder and ex-CEO of Dreem, a consumer deeptech company ($60M raised, 120 employees) and active web3/crypto investor. He led the product and marketing for Dreem, and translated the complex technologies behind into a mainstream consumer product.
  • Pierre Gilardin, blockchain lead developer in web3 since 2017, who built 2 NFT collections, several NFT analysis tools and generated $x00K from trading bots.
  • We are currently hiring 4 more founding members.

About the position

  • Ownership
    : As our NFT analyst you will be in charge of our internal research on the NFT landscape dedicated to fuelling our community of users (NFT power traders) and fuelling product development (choice of collections to launch on the platform, pricing of our options, etc). You’ll be developing dashboards on Dune to monitor certain collections, gathering analytics from on-chain data and services like Nansen, building bot to monitor the blockchain and creating content in tandem with our community manager to nurture our socials and community of traders.

  • Key missions:

    • Identify pumping collections early on to integrate on our platform
    • Identify top traders to grow our community of users
    • Help the algo team with the pricing design and backtesting of the options with analytics on collections
    • Publish reports on our socials to nurture our community of users and grow our audience
    • Frequently interact with our top traders to gather feedback on the product

About the company and the job

  • Contributing to the rise of a DeFi and NFT leader
  • Part of the founding team
  • Tier-1 VCs and angels-backed (strong network in NFT / DeFi)
  • Led by senior tech entrepreneurs, innovating in a booming market (NFT x DeFi)
  • Ambition to build a global leader
  • Working with a team of senior and sharp people
  • Equity (that converts into tokens if token)
  • Good package aligned with web3 benchmark
  • Remote but the timezone needs to be compatible with France where the team is located (CET+/- 2)

  • Skills

    • Experience with NFT trading
    • Experience with onchain analytics
    • Experience with building bots
    • Experience with programming (Python / C / JS /SQL)
    • Meme lord is a plus – or at least a good tone of voice on socials, that would speak to our community of power traders
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