Data Analyst – SES Core Unit (Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling)

One of the main project objectives is to produce a data-driven model that provides a snapshot of the onboarding funnel with its bottlenecks, and can help guide…...

We’re the Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling Core Unit, part of MakerDAO, which is one of the most seasoned & respected Decentralized Finance projects. We work directly for the DAO as a globally distributed team, pioneering the decentralization efforts together. Our research projects are focused on decentralized workforce, work, and capital. The first project, X-Ray, is on tech talent onboarding & retention, and some of the data sources will come from websites like GitHub, various APIs, and also surveys conducted by the SES team. One of the main project objectives is to produce a data-driven model that provides a snapshot of the onboarding funnel with its bottlenecks, and can help guide decisions on addressing these bottlenecks. This is where your skills and expertise come to shine.

We’re looking for someone who

  • Is a blockchain enthusiast that is passionate about working in a decentralized team as part of a DAO
  • You excel at gathering and synthesizing data sets, and are eager to co-create actionable insights and recommendations for MakerDAO scaling efforts
  • Being the data expert, you will come up with creative ways on how to obtain the results that we’re looking for, translate qualitative, quantitative data into business interpretable results, and help us to find the right ways of collecting and presenting the necessary data
  • You will be in a flexible and autonomous role within your area of expertise, but also in strong alignment and regular interaction (stand-ups, regular & ad-hoc calls) with the SES team

You’ll be working on

Collect, analyze and present DAO-related data that supports the SES strategy and operations, and reflects the progress we’re making towards our goals:

  • Co-create the SES research strategy from data POV
  • Develop and implement data collecting strategies for each project
  • Transform raw data sets into usable information that informs decision making
  • Apply mathematical and statistical techniques to extract, analyze and summarize data
  • Build and publish relevant analytical reports and dashboards

As the data analyst, your contributions will be crucial at every step of the research and therefore require ability to

  • Access various data sources and extract data (data scraping and ingestion)
  • Load extracted data into a database or storage platform, cleanse and curate said data for future use (data quality assurance)
  • Provision stored data into a form that can be used by front-end analytics products (data wrangling)
  • Analyze data to identify and communicate data driven insights (data analytics)

Ideally you should bring

  • Strong analytical skills and a “business/ consulting mindset” to interpret the data
  • Database systems experience (e.g. SQL) and data modelling/ETL tools
  • Practical experience with data APIs and scraping tools
  • Experience with programming language(s) for data wrangling (e.g. Python)
  • Experience with creating charts, dashboards and exploratory data analysis

A bit about you

  • Passionate about decentralized organizations and aligned with the mission of SES
  • Clear communicator able to express complex ideas
  • Enjoy solving real world problems, working within unchartered territories
  • Independent contributor with strong sense of ownership
  • Comfortable with working in a distributed team using Agile methodologies

What’s in it for you

  • Be part of an ecosystem that encourages transparency and alignment with open source methodologies and principles
  • Contribute to high-impact projects that address some of the core needs of a decentralized protocol
  • Work within a remote and highly collaborative team consisting of diverse experts
  • Full-time permanent team member of the Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling Core Unit
  • Competitive compensation that consists of fixed monthly income plus MKR incentive plan vested over a 3-year period