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Customer Support Specialist

Our Customer Support team is made up of technical experts who build relationships easily and can empathize with our customers in a genuine way. We keep our cool under pressure and solve problems accurately and efficiently. Our job is to enable our customers to use our solutions as seamlessly and effortlessly as possible. 

Customer Support Specialists are the frontline responders at Chainalysis and have an emphatic focus on customer success. Our Customer Support team has a “whatever it takes” approach to solving customer issues no matter how tenable, tedious, or basic they may be. We measure our success by the overall satisfaction and empowerment of our customers.

Within a year you are successful if… 

  • You confidently answer advanced product usage and technical questions across our product suite
  • You know and proactively engage with the various customer profiles that make up our customer base
  • You can seamlessly switch from reactive inbound support requests to proactive outreach for new and existing customers

A background like this helps: 

  • Technical support experience on a digital or software product
  • Prior working experience in the cryptocurrency or blockchain space 
  • Proven ability to manage competing tasks, set priorities, and follow up on client requests in a fast-paced environment
  • Emotional intelligence and an empathetic propensity to read between the lines and understand what the customer is saying (and what they mean)