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About the Startup: We are a long-standing research project that is making a pivot towards a blockchain solution due to the departure of the old technical co-founder. This is mainly because the

About the Startup:

We are a long-standing research project that is making a pivot towards a

blockchain solution due to the departure of the old technical co-founder. This is

mainly because the old product was also in this industry and still many resources

are tied up in this area.

The goal is to establish a sustainable large leading blockchain based solution

startup in the market. We are therefore looking for a highly motivated and

technically very savvy co-founder who is able to co-create the blockchain solution

and lead the development of the MVP.


Build the company, teaming-up with your co-founder to guide and influence the

company’s vision, culture, operating philosophy and the strategy that will make it

a billion-dollar company.

Build the product from day one and own the technology stream: From writing and

owning the first lines of code, selecting the best tech stack; building and testing

prototypes/beta/mass launch versions; ideating with the design team; reviewing

code; aligning the tech roadmap with business requirements; etc – you know what

being a co-founder of an early stage startup means.

Build the team: You will recruit, guide, inspire and scale the engineering team

that will research and develop state of the art AR technology and applications.

You will strive to always maintain the highest talent density as possible, as well

as making sure we have the perfect working environment to make them flourish

and grow within and beyond their roles


  • Create and execute a long-term technology vision and forward-thinking

capability development across all dimensions of the business (including

design, consumer testing, e-commerce, infrastructure, data,

personalization and logistics) Inspire, develop, and engage a world-class

team of engineers, product managers, UX designers, and data analysts

Build industry-leading online experiences that create value for

customers and value for the Company

  • Develop, implement, and maintain a short and long term strategic

technology, product, and data roadmap in support of company business

goals and objectives

  • Build a financially-leveraged team by creatively balancing outsourced

resources with home-grown teams across geographies

  • Maintain industry-leading uptime on critical technology infrastructure

through great architectural decisions, successful monitoring and testing

processes, and system redundancy

  • Ensure data privacy and system security compliance for all operations

across all geographies

  • Develop a differentiated approach to data ingestion and analysis that

gives a competitive advantage and speed, including the application of

sophisticated data science techniques.

  • Co founder – wearing multiple hats initially
  • Solution Brainstorm and support the (technical) Design
  • Always up to date regarding technical developments and advancements
  • Networking with information technical community
  • Leading and managing the technical department, mvp development
  • Support the recruitment of technical department
  • Provide valuable industry insights


You are an expert, with at least a Bachelor or MSc in Computer Science or

similar field and +10 years of experience (or equivalent) building and launching

enterprise or large-scale customer applications – ideally worked in the enterprise

application development or even better blockchain industry before.

You have an entrepreneurial mindset: You can thrive in uncertain environments,

you embrace the startup culture, are a “doer”, aspirational and resourceful.

You are a leader, with previous working experience managing tech teams as a

technology lead or a key technology role in a startup or a large enterprise.

You get things done, and deliver high-quality work on a tight schedule by taking

measured risks, and prioritizing tasks for yourself and the team. You are also a

proponent of robust, maintainable code and clear documentation.

*BONUS* People want to work with you: you are a servant leader, proactive

communicator, good teacher/mentor/coach, able to empathies with people from

different backgrounds and personality traits, and keep calm under pressure


What we offer:

  • Core team has lots of founding experience and is highly motivated in

building a leading blockchain solution and establish ourselves

sustainably on the market.

  • Corporate structure with crypto foundation in Switzerland and crypto

limited in Singapore as well as many other resources ready to start-up.

  • A one-time opportunity to build your own company from scratch, with a

validated product idea and all the support you need to maximize your

chance of success

  • A vast supportive network, also industry relevant.
  • Seed Financing to directly start with the MVP development.
  • Substantial portion of company shares – you become a real co-founder!

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