Co-Founder: Blockchain Infrastructure and Marketing

IIB is universal and domain neutral. Non-hierarchic collaborations of individual professionals which they create on their own, based on their needs in…...

A young company Wise Jester in Oslo, Norway, is looking for a co-founder in technology, with focus on blockchain infrastructure, transactions on blockchain, and, preferably, marketing too. That is for IIB: a safe, computational, humor-based change agent as a network, blind to any facial data of its users.

You won’t be asked to build up the main application – it is already built and online, gaining traction every day. Please, check IIB here: The site of IIB contains links to an open-science platform by the European Commission, with communication materials about IIB. Also, it contains the details about the founder of Wise Jester with whom you will work.

You as a co-founder will be working with me tightly to make IIB even more cool. We will negotiate your equity at Wise Jester if we feel good about each other. You will be given a welcoming opportunity to apply your creativity while working at Wise Jester. Internally, we have competencies in complex systems, management of information systems, law, international relations, and successful fundraising.

IIB applies humor science and computation for dealing with the processes of cognitive rupture under uncertainty and in need of fluid intelligence at diverse collaboration forms by making them emerge in a data-driven manner, without any human mediators. Collaborations can be created self-organized, without centralized control, and with consideration of hybrid knowledge. That makes IIB a facilitator for high-risk, emerging technologies. IIB provides chances for the users of getting noticed and appreciated in their unique strengths, without interferences in-between, and get contacted by self-emerging collaborations of the professionals in need. And vice versa. That happens without disclosure of anyone’s names, photos, age, gender – this information is not collected or used. There are no strategic friendships in the IIB system because it is a blind machine to any facial data. It is only your unique cognitive strengths that matter, and, as a user, you own your data and can delete it by yourself whenever you want. IIB is universal and domain neutral. IIB supports experimental environments, known as “cultures of failure”, which treat feedback in pushing forward their vision as new data. That is why humor is key here. The style of IIB is punk rock.

IIB is made for:

1) independent professionals: operative workers, leaders, nerds, creators, misfits, youth or elderly, intuitive introverts, or the people wishing sudden changes but who are afraid to look stupid

2) non-hierarchic collaborations of individual professionals which they create on their own, based on their needs in intellectual capital and knowledge diversity, while dealing with uncertainty

You should be caring, clean, conscious, respectful to me and the property of any kind, punctual, honest, listening, and speaking up. You should know your profession. You are a developer of blockchain solutions. You implement them and bring in some magic into your work.

Please, apply by sending to me your motivation letter and a description of your background at asap, because if I feel a candidate can do the design and implementation work in a beautiful manner, I will proceed with that person.

Best regards,

Anna Zaytseva,

Founder of Wise Jester.