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Chief Product Officer – Fine arts digital venture

Chief Product Officer Zurich, Switzerland We can see that the art industry is ready to evolve. We believe in a future where technology underpins the physical art world, enabling a totally new

Chief Product Officer

Zurich, Switzerland

We can see that the art industry is ready to evolve. We believe in a future where technology underpins the physical art world, enabling a totally new way of creating, curating and collecting art. We want the story and provenance of every piece of art to be stored immutably. For artists to be rewarded fairly for their work and automatically receive royalties for future sales. We can redefine art ownership, opening up more flexibility for enthusiasts, collectors, artists and galleries.

Backed by two of the most influential leaders in the global art world, BCG Digital Ventures is currently building the platform that will become the digital backbone of the physical art industry. Leveraging distributed ledger technology, the platform will enable artists, art institutions, and museums to use a suite of tools to trade art and keep artists connected to their artwork. All while increasing operational transparency and efficiency in what is currently a fragmented ecosystem. We will redefine art ownership and open up exciting new models of participation for private and institutional galleries, artists, and collectors.

Due to launch in 2022, we are now recruiting the future team that will take over the reins from BCGDV and grow this business over the coming years to transform a very traditional industry primed for significant disruption. To achieve these goals, we need a fantastic team to build upon the great work done during incubation and take the business forward.

As CPO, you’ll be part of the executive team playing a pivotal role of owning the entire Product strategy and build.

What you’ll do

  • Define the product strategy in collaboration with the CEO, CTO & CMO and deliver on the overall strategic direction of the product in line with the overarching short and long term objectives of the business
  • Identify and secure product market fit for the product with the support of cross functional stakeholders
  • Drive and shape the product roadmap with a clear vision that encompasses the strategic objectives of the business, as well as overseeing new product releases in line with the overall outlined product strategy
  • You will build and lead a strong team of product managers and UX/UI designers by fostering a strong tech culture while working with a flexible, agile and iterative approach
  • Leading the identification of target consumer segments and offering guidance on the strategic direction of the product to cross functional peers based on market research insights and co-creation with identified galleries, artists and collectors
  • Progressively build and iterate on the Minimum Viable Product, to support the development and expansion of the product into different markets
  • Oversee the design, development and execution of a results driven, data informed framework, to enable continuous improvement of the product with the final customer in mind
  • Provide guidance on the commercialisation strategy of the product, with the ability to understand and navigate complex compliance and regulatory requirements of the target markets
  • Work closely with the CEO, CMO and CTO to identify and execute on additional partnerships to continue accelerating product development and releases

What you’ll need

  • You have significant experience leading Product builds and teams with deep functional knowledge of Product Management
  • Ideally, experience with a B2B product which has scaled to multiple markets or geographies
  • Experience building products from a very early stage
  • Extensive experience with defining and driving a product roadmap
  • You have an obsession with the user and strong empathy to interpret and understand their needs and nuances
  • You have some professional experience with blockchain technology, or at least a strong personal interest and a deep understanding of the scene
  • E-commerce and/or marketplace experience would be a plus
  • Familiarity with the commercial art world or related businesses would be a plus, but not essential

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BCG Digital Ventures is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, sex, national origin, disability, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected under federal, state or local law.

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