Chief Executive Officer

Our client is searching for a dynamic, talented and driven CEO to run its newly defined Metaverse/Web 3.0/NFT/MLM/Affiliated Marketing project. It is the first decentralized affiliate marketing platfo

Our client is searching for a dynamic, talented and driven CEO to run its newly defined Metaverse/Web 3.0/NFT/MLM/Affiliated Marketing project. It is the first decentralized affiliate marketing platform powered by Smart Contracts. The company’s brand is a play-to-earn metaverse-based videogame on the Polygon blockchain. They already have in place unique collaboration with leaders in the field. These include Polygon, Alchemy, and Open Zeppelin. and intend to leverage these relationships to increase their product market reach.

The company’s current team comprises marketing, affiliates, product and operations, finance, customer support, creatives, PR, and legal compliance. It is a fully remote company with staff working in Switzerland, Italy, London, Moscow, Dubai, Pakistan, Thailand, India and Estonia.

Their investment into the business has already secured massive growth in 2023, with 2024 looking to make the next milestone to date. They are looking for the right CEO for this journey.


The CEO is responsible for the vision and strategic direction of the company. You will be responsible for setting and meeting revenue targets, implementing a strategic business plan to meet those targets, and working with relevant teams to execute the strategy successfully.

You will be responsible for setting the direction for the business and ensuring that you have a product that is profitable and meets customer needs.

As the CEO, you must fully understand the company’s vision and strategy to make sure that you can execute it successfully.

You will also deal with interviewing other key figures for the company such as the COO, CMO, CTO, CFO, etc.


A visionary outlook and the ability to see what you want from the company 3-5 years ahead.

Have a long-term business plan to help you anticipate what needs to happen and what steps are required for the company to grow.

A comprehensive understanding of tokenomics, blockchain technology and smart contracts.

An understanding of a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO).

Outstanding sales and negotiation skills. You must be able to sell the company and its products with ease.

Complete understanding of commission structures and revenue streams.

An excellent public speaker: you will be the company’s public face and represent the company in all media channels, including articles, podcasts, interviews, panel discussions, trade shows, and presentations.

Able to build and manage a team of high-performing junior to mid-level professionals. You must be able to work well with other people in different departments and understand the fundamentals of how they all work.

Be able to handle the pressures and stress of being a CEO while still confidently leading the company and maintaining a positive can-do attitude towards those around you.

Exceptional leadership and communication skills that you can rely on to get your point across You will be responsible for building trust with your team and communicating their points. You must constantly communicate with the executive team and set strategies for the future of both brands

The ability to make quick decisions with limited information.

Meticulous at managing time and delegating tasks effectively across teams.

Natural ability to motivate and work with people to help them achieve peak performance. You will supervise the entire team and oversee each related department, smoothing processes and resolving conflicts and obstacles.

Knowledge in the world of network and affiliate marketing.


Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Management, Business, Mathematics, Economics, Law, or equivalent. MBA in Business or Finance is a plus.

Five plus years of management experience and or CEO/Operations experience

Experience working in a startup environment

Outstanding track record and extensive knowledge of high transactional environments such as iGaming, online betting, online finance, MLM and affiliated marketing and DeFi environments.

A passion for DAOs, Blockchain, DeFi, Crypto, NFTs and Web 3.0 technologies

This position is fully remote and open to candidates in all geographical locations. Salary and company benefits will be discussed during the screening interview.

This is a unique opportunity to join an exciting game-changing platform in the Web 3.0 space.

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