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zk-SNARKs, miners, nodes, bulls, bears, FOMO and FUD. Some of those terms may sound like Marvel villains or curse words (“I should FUD you upside the head for staring at my nodes!”), but to a trained

zk-SNARKs, miners, nodes, bulls, bears, FOMO and FUD. Some of those terms may sound like Marvel villains or curse words (“I should FUD you upside the head for staring at my nodes!”), but to a trained ear they spell m.a.g.i.c. Cryptocurrency magic, to be exact. In our view – and yes, it’s a bold statement – crypto will be the currency your grandkids consider the norm. And for good reason, because however cryptic crypto may seem, the underlying Blockchain technology is as
safe as possible.

Trading in these currencies, though? That’s when sh*t used to go sideways. Until the launch of Cryptohopper: an AI-driven bot that makes crypto trading accessible, fun, and worthwhile. Do you want to optimize and innovate a bot that hosts more than nine million transactions worth an estimated 2 billion USD each month?
Show us what you got!

Interlude: fork in the road time!

Picture yourself at a junction. Not just ‘any’ junction, but, say, a crossroads in Dark Souls III. Lots of dynamic lighting. Fire. Brimstone. The works. Nifty particle effects. The kind of scene that invariably unfolds whenever you need to prep for a Stand Up. Anyway. At this particular junction, you can go right or (surprise!) left. So what to do? Well, that depends on your ambitions and skillset.

Back End Developer?

Turn right if you want to develop edge-of-your-seat backend solutions that enhance our infrastructure, trading bot, and AI. Enhancements that boost and safeguard our global trading platform in terms of scalability, reliability and security. Prepare to snuggle up (currently not too closely) to our product teams, so they can build (and run, and love) the exact features our users need to trade on cryptocurrency markets. To succeed, you have to be versed in PHP, Node and Golang, and willing to get up close and personal with up-and-coming tooling. Including tech that you introduce to the stack. This is the perfect position if you combine ‘hardcore’ coding skills with a ‘security first’ mindset and are excited to learn about crypto trading and blockchain technologies

Hi, we’re the stack.
PHP, Golang, NodeJs, MySQL, InfluxDB, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Sass, Less, Rust, React, Flux, Redux, RESTful, APIs, Cryptotrading, AWS, Kubernetes, Python, Redis Cache, Cyber security, Linux, Open source, etc.

You know you got this if.

  • You have 3+ years of experience as a back end or full stack developer, preferably in DevOps settings
  • You are into PHP, Golang, NodeJs, MySQL, Influx DB and similar
  • You have a Golang-or-Go-home-mentality
  • You enjoy working in a team where feedback is the common language
  • Your lunch break experiments sometimes get out of hand. One time you accidentally developed an app that correlated caffeine intake with sock funkiness. And it worked.

What we offer.

A mission-driven culture with a great work/life balance and a good benefits package. Sure, we work hard to get sh*t done, but we also regularly push our moustache (sorry, it’s a silly joke for Dutch readers) for a VR gaming session, picnics in the park, indoor bouldering, drinks at the pub, and whatever happens in our (wo)man cave – and probably best stays there. The setting aside, we also:

  • Pay you (pinky promise!): between EUR 52K and 85K per year [skill dependent]
  • Allow you to work wherever, including our Amsterdam HQ and your favorite lunch room (what’s good?)
  • Send you on your merry way for 25 days each year, minimum (more is negotiable)
  • Provide you with great gear; a high-end laptop and whatever else you need to succeed. Perhaps an AI-driven desk chair that *knows* when you want to lean back?
  • Shower you with extras, like trading benefits, a generous training budget, and (mom will be proud!) the opportunity to work in a domain that accelerates financial inclusion for the unbanked
  • Pour you a stiff drink on Fridays, coffee that won’t make you wish you chose tea, and lots of mind-blowing feedback on your work, hobby’s, pets, and cuddly toy collection. And we sincerely look forward to hearing what’s on your mind, too.

Ready to virtually meet our engineers?

We don’t require (in fact, please don’t) a motivation letter; we’d rather have a good chat and tell you everything you want to know. About life, the universe, and everything!

Apply here:

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: €52,000.00 – €85,000.00 per year

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