Azure Data Consultant IoT (m/f/d)

About DHL IT Services & Digital Platforms At DHL IT Services, we’re designing, building and running IT solutions for the whole DPDHL globally. Millions of people who ship their packages, countl

About DHL IT Services & Digital Platforms

At DHL IT Services, we’re designing, building and running IT solutions for the

whole DPDHL globally. Millions of people who ship their packages, countless businesses we support with logistics services and 550k colleagues – all running from our datacenters with thousands of servers and applications.

This naturally means a lot of digitalization – our key priority for the coming years, deeply embedded in strategies across the company. Simply, we recognize digitalization as the biggest opportunity since globalization. Digital Platforms is a new “fresh out of the oven” department, where we can address this digitalization theme much more closely. There, you will find topics like APIs, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Data Lake & Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Automation and more. We’re designing, prototyping, building – but also running and supporting cutting-edge digital solutions for our customers and employees. We’re very excited to see the positive impact of our work – but also recognize the potential is much larger. Therefore, we need you!

How do we work?

We like to do everything in an Agile/DevOps way. No more throwing the “problem code” to support, no silos. Our teams are completely product oriented, having end to end responsibility for a success of a product in development and in production. Typically, you would find roles like DevOps Engineers, Product Managers and Scrum Masters only. Same people, taking care of the full stack of infrastructure, application, but also the business side of the product. The day-to-day work is typically organized using Scrum, so stand-ups, reviews, retrospectives, estimating story points, working in impediments, iterating on the product, deploying many times etc. Like in any other company, it’s not Scrum 100% by the book, but we try to live the principles of the Agile manifesto and have a culture of trying to get better every day, embracing failures if they happen – they’re great learnings, too!

The development is following DevOps culture, so, whatever one builds, he/she supports in Production in case of issues. There’s also space for exploration, as the product and customer need to be continuously developed, so we work with startups and other enterprises to stay on the cutting edge and cherry-pick what makes sense.

About Our IoT Team:

Our mission in the IoT Team is “Providing a platform for DPDHL which accelerates the adoption of IoT for the purpose of operational excellence, customer experience and employee safety”

In our IoT world, we are building a state-of-the-art global platform, which processes the data from millions of connected devices from various DPDHL business units across the globe. We then develop use cases over the IoT platform to monitor our assets, shipments, warehouse equipment and many more in in real-time and finally present the actionable insights to the user the help of cool UX designs.

Tech stack: Our IoT platform is based on Microsoft Azure cloud-based infrastructure harnessing the collection of managed and platform services across edge and cloud to securely connect, monitor, and control millions of IoT assets. Our micro-services-based architecture coupled with Azure DevOps pipeline enables continuous integration and delivery.

The team: Like our company, our team is quite global. We have technical teams located at Chennai. Berlin and Bonn. To help us collaborate better, we are using tools like Teams, Jira, Confluence or Mural, too. You will find a nice mix of motivated people, typically geeks who are passionate about technology and are reading about IT after work anyway J But most importantly, we are a team who supports each other even in tough times and who tries to make things better every day. We’d be happy to support you too on your journey with us!


Who do we look for?

Currently, we’re looking for Senior Data Engineers in our IoT team who can participate in product development to solve our challenging business requirements. In this role, you will have an opportunity to directly impact customer experience in DPDHL through exciting IoT use case implementation and develop new features in stock. Additionally, you have the possibilities to work with our data analytics experts to generate actionable insights out of IoT data. Your typical working day involves exciting discussions on business requirements, architecture/ features, estimating stories, actual development, configuring the infrastructure and a bit of other fun, too.


What do we expect from you?

  • A passionate professional with a positive and can-do attitude
  • You have working knowledge on structuring relational and non-relational Data in a way that the Business can get insights
  • You are familiar with Tools like Databricks and Azure Synapse to build the data Experienced to Build and run data analytics & present the data in PowerBI or Tableau to help in solving business problems
  • Skill for building reusable solutions and well versed with architectural principles
  • Strong Code-Reading skills and you have passion for writing clean, testable, easily maintainable code
  • Knowledge in Azure DevOps, Azure Active Directory

Good to Have

  • Basic knowledge in .NET Core and C#
  • Basic understanding of Distributed Systems, Micro Services and REST APIs
  • Knowledge of Security & Data Protection (e.g., OWASP Top-10)

Does it sound a bit like you? Let’s talk!

If you have experience with (similar) tech stack, but we don’t expect a superman from the day 1; we want to give a proper learning space, too. What’s really needed, however, is passion for great customer experience and technology.

We would love to hear from you; our new department is rapidly growing and we’re looking for many people with the can-do mindset to join us on our digitalization journey. Thank you for considering DHL as the next step in your career – we do believe we can make a difference together!

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