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Associate Account Executive, EMEA

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Our Associate Account Executives are expert storytellers and problem-solvers and we’re obsessed with expanding cryptocurrency markets and helping customers track and prevent fraud and abuse. At the cutting edge of the cryptocurrency industry, our team understands the latest market developments and business models that are building the future of finance. Our goal is to help cryptocurrency and crypto related businesses understand the value of implementing our solutions.

Associate Account Executives have graduated from the training grounds demand generation roles like a Sales Development Representative and know the fundamentals of outbounding and qualifying like the back of their hand. You’re confident in your ability to engage prospects, identify pain points, and then turn them into paying customers. We measure success by your quota attainment, new logo acquisition, and ability to manage and convert deals in a high-volume environment. 

In one year you’ll know you were successful if…

  • You’re an expert on our product suite and connecting prospects with the solutions that meet their needs and exceed their expectations. 
  • You’re up to date on regulatory initiatives and changes related to cryptocurrency and the specific implications for your prospects. 
  • You can effectively use and leverage the entire sales tech stack including Salesforce,, SalesLoft, Linkedin Sales Navigator, etc. and you have exceptional data hygiene. 
  • You understand and work toward activity metrics that yield a predictable and accurate pipeline. 
  • You’re consistently exceeding quarterly sales and bookings targets. 

A background like this helps:

  • You’ve been in a Sales Development or Business Development role previously at a high-growth company. 
  • You’re passionate about cryptocurrency and its future.  
  • You’ve worked with a similar techstack including Salesforce, Linkedin Sales Navigator, SalesLoft, etc.