Analytics Analyst ( Local or Remote EUROPE )

Contract role for 3 to 6 months. Analytics Analyst ( Local or Remote EUROPE ). Based on the business needs: Define and/or find best tool in the market....

Analytics Analyst ( Local or Remote EUROPE )
Zug – Switzerland
Contract role for 3 to 6 months

Analytics Analyst ( Local or Remote EUROPE )

Zug – Switzerland

Contract role for 3 to 6 months

Our client, is a global team of industry leading experts focused on creating the future of Blockchain mining, is currently looking for a Analytics Analyst, to support their projects based in Zug – Switzerland

Job can be Remote from Switzerland or from any other European country

The Role

  • In this role the consutant will be involved in a broad range of tasks, be part of a committed international team and have a unique opportunity to and learn about crypto mining and transactionprocessing on the BSV blockchain.
  • Define a new business line with a strong focus on Blockchain analysis, eg: Identifying, tracking and tracing bitcoins, Identifying business needs, collecting data and analysis from competitors, Development of requirements.
  • Based on the business needs: Define and/or find best tool in the market
  • Workout a concept/pre-study and create a baseline for decision (from a business need, strategy, business case including implementation) in alignment with the Product Manager
  • Support Product Manager for business requirements and sprint planification
  • Identify and working closely with business analysts, data scientists and specialized engineers
  • Strong experience in analytics needed
  • Establish both short-term results plan and long-term strategy, including revenue forecasting * experience with topics such as Blockchain / DLT / Tokenization / Cryptocurrency
  • Be able to combine data science input sources as analysis for actionable insight and prepare them for Blockchain algorithms
  • Be able to create and govern interactions with various data segments
  • Be able to visually represent data on Blockchain/DLT way based on inspecting, clustering, and modelling data
  • Having experience on implementation strategy on Blockchain / DLT business processes and infrastructure connections
  • Be able to create / design / propose an innovative solution with focus on Blockchain
  • Be able to monitor the effectiveness and stability of strategy models
  • Be able to identify and manage risks such as fraud trading, payment chargebacks, account takeover

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Several years working experiences and building or working with an investigation tool
  • Architectural work experience and technical implementation knowledge is expected
  • Experience in a startup is a significant plus
  • Self-Starter – ability to execute and implement change (entrepreneurial mindset)
  • Critical Thinking – strategic and highly analytical* Goal Oriented – motivated to develop and achieve goals
  • Interpersonal/Communication Skills – an innate ability to channel different points of view
  • Excellent consulting skills as well as technical writing and public speaking abilities
  • Professional – unquestionable integrity, credibility, and character and has demonstrated highly
  • Moral and ethical behaviour
  • Fluent in English

Must have: Experience with Investigation Tool, Architectural & Technical Implementation, Blockchain / DLT / Tokenization /Crypto

: when working from outside Switzerland, candidates must have their own limited company as the contract will be a B2B model.