Academy Architect

The Chainalysis Training Team drives education of cryptocurrency technology and Chainalysis products throughout the ecosystem. Our team can command a room, build engaging content, and speak to every level of expertise. We know how our products are used in the real-world and help our customers become experts too.

The Academy Architect is a systems and learning expert who manages the core of our Chainalysis Academy on-demand learning platform. Chainalysis delivers industry-leading training & certification programs, and the Architect can enable Chainalysis to expand into a one-stop-shop for crypto education.  Success is measured in your ability to architect and manage our on-demand learning experience, build flexible learning access mechanisms, and ensure learning insights and data are closely integrated into Salesforce and other platforms used by multiple Chainalysis teams. 

In one year you’ll know you were successful if…

  • Chainalysis Academy has been highly adopted by our customers at all stages of their lifecycle, and customer-facing teams are fully equipped to drive learning, as well as see the impact of learning and enablement on the health and success of customers.
  • You’ve taken over ownership of the Chainalysis Academy platform, enabling our team’s Instructional Designers & E-Learning Producers to expertly design, build, and launch on-demand training courses ranging from cryptocurrency industry basics, all the way to advanced investigations, compliance best practices, and customer-specific courses. 
  • As the system owner, you’ve enabled and scaled our Skilljar cloud-based learning portal and ensured that it’s seamlessly integrated across the Chainalysis tech stack
  • You’ve had direct input on some of our most cutting-edge content production and innovations.
  • The impact and reach of Chainalysis Academy is quantified and measurable. You’ve built and maintained clear systems to monitor and report Academy engagement.
  • Cryptocurrency industry professionals know the Chainalysis Academy as the one-stop-shop for all things related to cryptocurrency and blockchain analysis tools.
  • You’ve implemented integrations and streamlined workflows to make it easier for end users to access the Academy and for team members to gain insight from training.
  • You’ve become the internal go-to person who can consult with customers on tailoring our on-demand learning solutions for unique customer needs. 

A background like this helps: 

  • You’re an experienced learning systems expert, having implemented, managed and expanded a multi-domain implementation of Skilljar or similar Enterprise learning solutions.
  • You’ve worked with a high-growth SaaS company before, and are excited to operate as a ‘utility player’ with multiple interconnected systems to keep Chainalysis and our customers on the cutting edge
  • You’re accustomed to working with internal stakeholders, vendors and customers on projects, and don’t mind stepping outside of your comfort zone when required.
  • You have experience connecting learning into customer experience tools like Pendo or Catalyst, or business tools like Tableau and Salesforce.
  • You have exceptional planning, organization, communication skills, and attention to detail.
  • Bonus points if you know your way around digital media production software and rapid Elearning productions tools (e.g. Camtasia, Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, Adobe CC Apps, After Effects, etc.).